Straight No Chaser: Him Again??

By Desi Cortez
Updated: January 25, 2009

DENVER — For the last eight years, somewhere in the Lone Star state, a village has been missing its idiot. Now, at long last, that idiot has come home.

The horrific thought, with time on his soft Ivy League cheerleader hands, George W. Bush may want to have absolute power over something else, just to pass the time-of-day. What with no war to wage, no economic collapse to ignore, no natural disasters to turn an ice-cold frigid shoulder to . . . what’s an ex-president to do?

Perhaps revisit an old pastime, the nation’s pastime perhaps . . . own and operate a baseball team, show the people you sure as hell can’t run a nation, but you do know how to run a baseball club.

This would be forthcoming from a buffoon who traded away Sammy Sosa . . .

The immortal Syracuse Orangeman – Ernie Davis, refused to play for the Redskin’s owner, a redneck named George Preston Marshall…… The question is “who are today’s players – who’d perform for George Bush?”

Who’d have beliefs . . . deeper then the depth of their pocket-books?

Accepting a paycheck from W. is, in its bare-ass nakedness, akin to trading in blood diamonds; these neo-con’s directly benefitted from 9/11, the war which followed, the aftermath of Katrina, the turning of the lights off on Wall Street.

In the resulting chaos around the globe, Bush and the boys were able to loot and pillage. Their financial investments have been stealth, strategic and coated with the blood of the innocent.

They sold their souls to the devil . . . for a price.

Who want’s to do business with the devils’s advocate . . . ? W., who may be pondering a partnership with Rush Limbaugh – who’s sinisterly plotting to purchase a NFL team . . . .

No question, I could mount a 97-yard drive, take 11, maybe 12 paragraphs to dink-and-donk my way to my end-point . . . score, but all I’d be doing – preaching to the choir, telling you what is already common knowledge.

Allowing George W. to Texas Waltz his way into the NFL Country Club would be rewarding a man who history may very well determine is the worst president this nation ever elected.

Hell, the word elected is debatable even.

It’s mind-boggling – a unemployed former man-child dictator could be allowed to play with the human toys. I mean golly Goober, he already screwed up the toy soldiers his parents let him play with in Iraq . . . he’s destroyed families on both sides, whole Iraqi towns, stores, schools, homes and banks . . . all gone.

Legitimate questions surround what Big George W. and Little Dick Cheney did to Lady Liberty behind closed doors. There’re serious accusations being level by an assortment of heavy weights, some claiming what these “summ-bitches” did to the nation . . . is what a pervert does to a small innocent child – take advantage of the citizenries’ confidence and sincerity. And, like a true molester, these bastards operated from a position of trust and power

We’re talking about War crimes; GI’s sent into the Iraq desert – un-prepared and ill-equipped. Crimes against humankind; The inhabitants of the Gulf, Naw Leans in particular were abandoned by George Bush – in the face of a hurricane of Cecil B. DeMill’s biblical proportions.

Waging class warfare by re-tooling the tax codes – so the wealthy can drink from a bottomless well, they aren’t helping dig. Crimes against the good ole earth; Hell the tree-huggers, the earth people can make an argument Mother Nature’s been gang raped by the Bush Syndicate.

Now, with that litany of atrocities on the table, MLB is going to bestow upon this punk his own team to play with. Get the pluck outta here! You gotta be kiddin’, pullin’ my leg . . . arm, testicles.

Chuckle if you like, and I hope you do, but I’d like to think there’d be a outcry from an array of society’s sectors if the owners even entertained such lunacy – of which I wholeheartedly believe as arrogant self-anointed American nobility . . . they would.

Yeah, my bona fide belief is; this anti-black hostile perspective is the unspoken creed of the Right in this nation, whom desperately hopes to return the US to the good ole days, when all us darkies knew our 3rd class place.

Conservative White guys – who despise FDR’s New Deal, LBJ’s Great Society and Dr. King’s Dream, not to mention the holiday in his name . . . .don’t like Black people, and they ain’t too fond of Brown folks. This is all the wrong stuff the Right is made of.

It’s no secret; I’m waiting and wanting a confrontation between the spineless, clueless athlete of today, and the aristocratic owners. I want players to stand for something beyond their own personal prosperity. At least attempt to hold-up Arthur Ashe’s jock strap. And this confrontation would provide just the setting.

I want no half-ass, half-hearted apologies for the racism which has spilled over into this country’s national pastimes, I just want a “Yeah boy, I don’t like you. I’ve worked to return this nation to yesteryear, when you people had a much more fitting place.

You were seldom seen, and hardly ever heard. You spoke only when spoken to, you kept your eyes to the ground and your hands to yourself, off our women folk. . . .”

As Bush exit’s – stage right, roughly 22% of the American people want to pat this dude on his ass “good job!” The very ones I’ve just turned the spotlight on, the neanderthals who still approve of this draft-dodger.

Hundreds of thousands of Neo-Cons think he did a good job, and I’d submit those same people, want women barefoot and prego, no minimum wage or benefits for worker ants like you and I, and they want to close the UN, kick the United Nations out of America .

These true blue-bloods, for whom Bush did the bidding of . . . that’s who still has this punk’s back. The white collar thieves he let-in to privatize the government, deregulate every industry, disorganize organized labor, take all the bread out of the bread basket, to the point of today, there can’t even be a bread winner, even with both husband and wife working at Home Depot and Wal-Mart.

Because? Taint’ no bread left, the executives took both production and profits off-shore. Nonetheless, those e-lites on top, and those dim-wits on the bottom, in the trailer park, they still love them some W.

And let me get this twisted right, the man behind all this, or at least the mannequin in the window – wants his own professional sports team. Here’s the bottom ass-level line. Who will play for this man?

Would Peyton Manning, Randy Moss, Tom Brady, Clinton Portis, or Kurt Warner play for George W., We already know the Mighty Brady Quinn would. Who’d coach for George W. Bush?

What city would want him to be apart of who and what the whole wide world views them as? I’d submit George W. Bush is a greater ugliness, places a bigger blemish on the ass of any town, then Mike Vick would be.