Straight No Chaser: Head Of The ‘Class’

By Desi Cortez
Updated: January 16, 2009

DENVER — Rich people are better than poor people.

That’s the American hierarchy, a cast system which dominates all aspects of life beyond the realm of skin-color. An absolute given; clearly some people are better then others. Worth more because they’re …worth more.

And when I say better, I mean valued and appreciated more by the greater society. Treated differently, better by both individuals and institutions, afforded a certain amount of privilege based on the enormousness of their bank accounts.

I can’t really put my finger on it, but I think we believe rich people to be… better. I don’t know, but they’re just better, maybe they shower 3 times a day, brush their teeth a half dozen times a day, don’t eat their boogers, wipe their behinds with wet wipes, have an illegal immigrant run the vacuum everyday for them, and don’t leave fast food remnants in the car.

Superior to all others because they’ve got, 24/7, their hands on the money, access to satisfy any Little Lord Fauntaroy whim. We don’t want to confess to it, but yes, most Americans truly believes the fattness of your wallet is the, and I mean the defining element in determining if an individual is a great person, extremely cool, a really down mo-fo…

There’s no need to chew over it again, we’re not cows, rich people are better than poor people. You’ve got the unwashed masses… and the chemically cleaned, the laundered and pressed few, and those folks are better.

Exhibit A. Lord Bernard Madoff, American aristocrat… and charlatan, who’s already confessed to his sons he’s pulled off one of the greatest heist of all time, and this legendary riverboat gambler still sit’s in his New York, New York (so nice, they named it twice) Penthouse.

That’s what dead presidents will buy you… a rich man’s justice.

Now take note of this.

Plaxico Burress’s name, his image is being dragged through the mud, and I don’t mean clean backyard garden variety mud, or the kind strippers wrestle in. No, we’re talkin’ bout piggly-wiggly farm type mud, stock show mud.

Currently it’s all about damage he did to a 2004 rental SUV, we’re talking 30 grand here my friend, about what a school teacher makes in Tupelo, Mississippi in a year.

Where’s Tupelo? Right below three-below.

Madoff’s sons called the cops, informed them their dad just spilled the beans. With his own mouth, he explained his entire empire was a enormous ponzi (pyramid) scheme…

Madoff stole — what’s been guestimated to be — well over 50 billion buck-a-roos. Securities fraud. And that’s not like say… out of a dudes back-pocket, that moola comes from a array of investors, vast and tiny, from the 401 fund big momma paid into for twenty years, to non-profit charities which helped all those who needed help, and he sits free, and the grapevine says due to his advanced age… he may not do any time.

This man stole dreams, achievable fantasies of spending your last years traveling down Highway 66, Nat “King” Cole in the background, Mildred and Eddie taking the g-kids to Disneyland.

That’s the happy picture this ruthless, reckless man yanked from the average American, and the judicial system regards him as not a threat to society and not really a proven criminal.

A dream like that, held by millions of folks, and this bastard deliberately erases it all…and he sits at home. Plax wrecks a car, and they want to lock him down. The public outcry is loud and vicious

Let’s leap from the Big Apple to the Land of Fruits and Nuts, Oaktown Caly, home of Huey P. and Bobby Seale. On New Year’s Day, a 21 year old black man, Oscar Grant III, involved in an altercation, a fistfight, not a gunfight was shot, if not according to the video, executed by a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) cop at a rail station where a handful of Black males were being detained for the brawl.

The man was handcuffed, laying face down with a cop’s knee in his back, when one of them, Johannes Mehserle, claims he was reaching for his tazer, grasped his pistol instead, and shot, point-flipping-blank this kid – in the back….

Needless to say, the natives are becoming hostile, people are seeing smoke signals across the Bay area. The predictable outcry has already resulted in low-level riot activity.

It’s nationwide common knowledge the police’s nightmare is – Bloods, Crips, Warlords and Warriors put down TI and Little Wayne, and go retro… The Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron. These cats receive that 3:37 AM wake-your-ass-up call and go on the warpath. If and when, you’ve got the rank and file lined up for a new edition of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.

And these fellahs won’t be, like my dad and uncles along Western Ave. and Crenshaw Blvd., looking for guns, these brothers are already loaded for bear…or pig.

People forget, but police brutality is what sparked the Watts Revolt of 66. I grew up in a LA where folks had buttons on their Black leather Jackets which said ” off the Pigs” and that’s what some of them were doing.

The Rodney King beating was neither odd, unique nor unusual.

Plax is a hell of a fix, because he shot… himself, himself now, not nobody else. He didn’t shot no White folks. In light of this, the Mayor is talking about mandatory jail time.

This cop in the Oakland executed an unharmed man, and he’s still not in jail, matter of fact, he’s resigned his post, lawyerd up, and gone fishing back in Nevada.

There going to have to bring him back for Murder-One or manslaughter charges kicking and screaming, and he’s about to become another “Joe da’ Plummer,” another Bernard Goetz or Mark Furhman – an American hero, because he shot a good-for-nothing…

Why is Madoff still in his seven million dollar treehouse?

Because Rich people…must be better than poor people. I’ve yet to hear Bloomberg call for his fellow elitist – Madoff to be imprisoned. No mandatory incarceration for Thurston B. Howell III.

And speaking of No. 7, Mike Vick is damn near bankrupt, his millions gone, he’s now in a half way house…all for fighting dogs. Dogs, we’re talkin’ bout’ dogs here, right. Dogs? Madoff stole people’s lives, and they don’t want to put him on ice, to needlessly embarrass nor inconvenience him.

Check this out; Bernard was Fed-Exing the royal family crown jewels to the four corners of the globe, family members from Fargo to Key Largo, Boston to Austin – cousin Theodora in Timbuktu was opening a shoe box filled with Tiffany’s high end stuff. Do you know what that kinda bling and blang goes for?

Today, at this junction in the story, the judge is letting the Mad man stay in his 179th floor palace he shares the entire floor with only Matt Lauer despite Madoff’s obstructing justice, hiding assets which could be/ought be liquidated to payback jilted investors, but the judge don’t see it like that.

Isn’t O.J. supposed to be in jail for stealing his own stuff? Removing it from being liquidated by the courts for the Goldman family? However, with O.J., this nation’s judicial system wants everything. The Juice finds a dime, the aerial droid deployed to shadow Orentahal James around, notifies the proper authorities.

You got any dreams nigger…? We want them to!

I can only come to the conclusion, it’s not simply that rich folks are better than poor ones, I’ve come to believe, based on the white kid gloves they’re handled with, their shit must not stink.