Straight No Chaser: Down Goes Frazier

By Desi Cortez
Updated: January 13, 2009

Leslie Frazier

Leslie Frazier

DENVER — Mr. Pat Bowlen, long time custodian of the Denver Broncos, struck me as intrinsically arrogant during his press conference by announcing at his awakening that the mastermind, Mike Shanahan was, at last, being shown the door – about 3 years late. I can’t really put my finger on it, but all my spider-senses were tingling as he spoke down to everybody.

I just get that blue-collar worker’s gut feeling when I listen to this guy, he’s the decider. Regardless of his strategic verbal camouflage – other, more qualified football minds are at work sorting out the viable candidates’ – I just didn’t buy it.

So, when we hear Bowlen admit Jay Cutler found out about Shanahan’s dismissal after the point of the knife entered Shanahan’s back…I’m not surprised. That’s the style in which the rich and powerful operate – those who’ve an enhanced sense of their own importance.

Manners, mutual respect, tact and diplomacy don’t get the job done. Shanahan understood, took it all with grace, perhaps because he functions the same way. It’s a cold world baby.

When you think about it, Shanny said he’d no inclination he was going to be fired, he actually said he thought he was maybe going to lunch when Mr. Bowlen called that faithful day.

The Purple People Eater’s Leslie Frazier had no idea Mr. Bowlen had chose the Boy Wonder from New England as the new Bronco’s headmaster, and he was on the short list according to the Big Hunters at ESPN, yet he didn’t get that complementary, thank you for applying, we’ll keep you in mind…

Bowlen must be an hell-of-a poker player… Maybe his mother’s momma is a Vulcan.

My parents always hammered into my head – It’s not really what you say, but how you say it. Bowlen sounds like the Donald or Bill O’Reilly .Those chromatic, iridescent examples of unbridled power. Unbridled meaning – allowed to run rampant, with only themselves to pull the reins in. How scary is that?

Consider the current outgoing White House Administration; it was ran by people of privilege, for people of privilege. The inner circles of power didn’t give a damn how their decisions played in the public’s eye and they were oblivious to who was impacted by their decisions.

See Katrina, Iraq or the present US economy.

Mr. Bowlen must possess that same inner Obe-Wan Konobe intelligence. He’s no one to really answer to. The fans here, will never forsake the Broncos, it’s a love affair beyond comprehension.

You’d have to be snorting Ajax or Comet to get as high as these pioneers do up here at one mile when their talking bout’ them Broncos.

Bowlen, as he began his quest to find the right man… was well aware NFL teams are roughly 65% Black, take away kickers – I bet were looking at 75% Black. Compare /contrast – the number of Black coaches doesn’t represent 30% of the total number of head coaches.

Bowlen, once more, completely understands these numbers are reprehensible. That’s why he at least pretended to honor the Rooney Rule, as he summoned in a couple of Black coaches, with Frazier supposedly being in the finale two or three, yet Bowlen decided to go with his gut feeling, his raw business instincts… he picked a kid to lead a band of brothers into battle.

Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

When your rich, you can defy football logic and gridiron reason, – and you can put “doing the right thing” – on the back burner. Let somebody else hire a Black guy, the desperately needed change…can start with somebody else.

Who’s to say these players would follow this kid into a swimming pool if it were not for his appointed title and the power which comes with being the chosen one.. But I know, he’ll demand they’re respect…

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think a lot of White men have moved beyond their fathers and even grandfather’s Archie Bunker type generational hangups. They want women barefoot, with crumb-crusher in tow, dependent and mildly educated.

They believe rich people are better than poor people, and Black people are deemed akin to property, not really fully people. We, like children, should be seen, and not heard. And like in the movie Glory, Denzel and Morgan Freeman answer to a young, slightly experienced White Officer — Matthew Brodrick.

That particular paternal relationship is still a wet-dream for a lot of white men; they like to believe they’re the leaders, the officers, the aristocrats, and black men are the natural born followers, the worker-bees just waiting to be lead.

That’s why I don’t see anything coincidental about guys like Jon Gruden, Lane Kiffin, Jim Haslett, Dick Jauron or Josh McDaniels being anointed to lead a largely black group of men. This is what white men do when there in power. It’s the rightful order of things…

My obvious conclusion; this could not have been a well-thought-out decision. Which leads me to believe Bowlen is isolated and insulated from reality…really, ya think?

The Bronco’s locker room would have responded better to a young Afro-American coach, who could boast a resume which includes putting a little sail into the Vikings vessel or Buccaneers boat, then another end-zone Einstein.

I can only assume Bowlen threw caution…and common sense to the wind, went with his gut instinct. What do you wager Bowlen mentions words like perfect fit and comfortable in the coming weeks when asked about his decision to place McDaniels at the helm.

And of course this boy-who-would-be-head coach… is a Negro Whisperer, you know, he harbor’s that unique Dr. Doo-little ability to talk to the human animals.

Here’s where you know this one makes only Lane Kiffin sense; we’ve already got a high-powered O, there’s no argument about that. Cutler openly stated he hoped we kept the same offensive coaches and philosophy, so~much for wishes.

It’s difficult to contend this man-child is not well versed in slingin’ the rock round, he’s done a fabulous job with Brady and now Cassel , but that was not the prime area of attention, we’ve already got a gunslinger at QB, with a position coach the Cutty loves. A RB coach who got Grand Canyon Jackasses – to gallop like Man of War.

But as even Helen Keller can see, the Bronco’s defense couldn’t stop a runaway Tonka truck, let-along Willie Parker, but we passed on Frazier and other defensive coaches to pick this 32 year old prodigy… Note, the kid coach is bringing in the guy Mike Singletary replaced in San Fran, Dickie Nolan.

This cat wasn’t getting the job done there, but he will here in Denver?

Come get to this; Singletary came in, reached out and touched those men on the 49ers squad, motivated and mobilize his troops. The very same troops’ Nolan failed to connect with.

What am I missing here?

McDaniels makes no sense, not even to a company man like Brandon Stockley – “It’s going to be interesting to see what happens,” Stokley said. “I hope we can keep some of our offensive coaches and keep the continuity that we built last year.”

But I know, McDaniels is another young White hotshot who’s just began to ‘pay his dues” – and low-and-behold… the wiz-kid’s all paid up, admitted to the NFL coaching country club.

When and where does the changing of the head coaching job start…always somewhere else than your team, always somebody else then your team’s owner? If your team doesn’t incorporate Black head coaches into the league…what team will? And if not now…when?