There’s More Than One Worm In This Apple

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: December 2, 2008

SEATTLE — Stephon Marbury is by no means the favorite Musketeer of the bunch and has given a whole bunch a people, plenty of reasons over the years, to keep him off their Christmas list.

He wasn’t a good fit in Minnesota for whatever reason, it didn’t work out with the New Jersey Nets or the Phoenix Suns and I’ve heard that his current teammates in New York aren’t big fans either.

With this being Stephon’s 12th season in the league, he only has himself to blame for many of the situations that he’s now facing and he could really use an extreme makeover.

I just don’t feel that he’s been given a fair chance and at this stage of his career the clock is running down. At 31 years of age and playing the position of point guard, the next contract that he signs just might be his last.

Marbury came into training camp this year looking good and in great shape. The rehabilitation from the injury went great; he lost some weight, did some conditioning and was ready to contribute to the team.

By all accounts he had a product pre-season which doesn’t explain the reason why he’s been getting splinters in his bum so far this year. There have even been a few games when he didn’t dress and it was reported that there wasn’t even a uniform for him in his locker for one game.

Bottom line, that crap is just wrong! You don’t treat a Man like that regardless of how you may feel about him.

I know what it feels like when you get a new “boss” and he implies that nothing that you’ve done prior to his arrival means anything and he wants more out of the position that what you delivered.

Yes my friend, being ” privileged” has its advantages. What the New York Knicks are doing to Stephon Maurbury is extremely offensive on so many levels and it’s doing more harm than they are aware of at this time.

Mike D’Antoni, Knicks Head Coach, is no Saint either and has played just as big a part in this drama too. It is my opinion that he accepted the job with a lot of conditions attached along with it.

It is reported that Stephon is due to make $21.9 million this season in or out of uniform and the Knicks organization seem to be happy with him on the bench or watching the game at home.

Stephon may have 99 problems but money is definitely not one! There’s no question that he has burnt some bridges during his time in the league but there are still a few teams that are in need of a veteran guard.

The critical thing for Stephon’s future is being able to showcase his skills and that can only be done on the court. His resume is nice but in the NBA it’s all about what you’ve done for me lately.

I agree that Stephon should keep every penny that is due him and he would come out on the short end of the stick if his contract was restructure.

But at the same time, I understand what the New York Nicks are trying to do. I wouldn’t want him around some of the younger impressionable players as we start the rebuilding process.

At the end of the day and for the love of the game, it’s time for both parties to cut their losses and move on.