The Rules of The Game

By Dr. Boyce Watkins
Updated: December 7, 2008

NEW YORK — Education is your vehicle, it’s kinda like your first car.

Here are tips from the top on how to live like a star.

You think school’s not important and you let your grades slide?

Well, buckle up my negro, cuz I’m pimpin yo ride.

Some think school is important, some think that it’s not.

But it’s Ludicrous to think you’ll get that number one spot.

Without that paper in your pocket, you’re getting no love.

That top position that you’re fishin….it ain’t hiring scrubs

Do you want to fly like an eagle or live your life with a limp?

Pimpin ain’t too easy, but it sucks getting pimped.

Some people think good grades come to those who are smart.

But you can’t be a great heart surgeon if you don’t have any heart.

If you have good grades already, then the burden’s no lighter.

Your GPA is slammin, but it can always be tighter.

And when you hit that first obstacle and you’ve just been beat down.

Are you gonna get up like a fighter or lie down like a clown?

College is the place to make your dreams come true.

But making silly choices can create nightmares for you.

So, let me pimp your ride and I’mma start with the rims.

24 inch spinners, the paint job matching your Tims.

Number 1: Study for six hours a day.

If you are consistent and persistent then your hard work will pay.

Pulling all-nighters might make sense when your doing it see.

But that F on every test is what you’re getting from me.

Number 2: Don’t allow yourself to skip any class.

Days off never pay off when you’re trying to pass.

But passing all your classes is not your first role.

Be a baller and a scholar, straight As are your goal.

Number 3: Don’t feel you have to drink till you’re drunk.

Cause cupid makes you stupid when the party’s too crunk.

We have rapists and drunk drivers when the liquor gets full.

And lifetime alcoholics when they get out of school.

Number 4: Don’t forget this part of the rhyme.

NEVER drop out of college for any reason, any time!

People leave school for a second, to get out of that cage.

Then they’re 35 with 3 kids making minimum wage.

Number 5: Make sure you learn to manage your time.

Your time is like your money, you should count every dime.

Procrastinationis a gamble, don’t rely on your luck.

Or you’ll crap out and be busted, with a report card that sucks.

Number 6: Getting a college degree is real cool.

But to make the monster money, go to graduate school.

I promise that if you’re willing to go that last mile.

The bling on your check will match the bling in your smile.

Number 7: Make sure you know your major by heart.

Know every class you’re taking from the end to the start.

Memorize the classes needed to get the degree in your hand.

Don’t find yourself later saying “I didn’t know man!”

Number 8: Baby mamas are created by sex.

And child support’s like Pacman when its eating your check.

If you call yourself a player and eager to please.

The campus is a GREAT place to catch a nasty disease!

Life is kinda serious, and it ain’t playin no games.

You have to come out dunkin like LeBron James.

If you don’t put hustle in the muscle to get that last inch.

You’ll find yourself defeated at the end of the bench.

Yes this ride is costly, cause pimpin ain’t free.

But your whip will be the tightest if you listen to me.

Whether you want a life of freedom or just want some cash.

Or if you want a chromed-out Bentley with DVDs in the dash.

Education lets you travel down the highway of life.

It creates freedom for your kids or your husband or wife.

You’ll drive this ride forever, until you are dead.

So get on it if you want it, cause its built in your head.