Straight No Chaser: The ‘Right One’

By Desi Cortez
Updated: December 26, 2008

Randy Shannon

Randy Shannon

DENVER— I refuse to let the issue of Afro-American head coaches in college football fade away as the athletic directors and university presidents are praying it does.

Prayers don’t always come true, truly in a predicament like this one, where it’s regressed to the point of; Gee, you might as well kiss me, because you sure-as-hell have been …making slow, (about 50 years plus) of hard, abrasive, abusive, repulsive love to me…forced sodomy seems apropos.

This sad spot is where we are… when it comes to Afro-American coaches being promoted to head coaching positions in college football. Charles Barkley and Floyd Keith are apparently at this point if nobody else is. They’ve had it with the lame, weak sorry-ass excuse of why not a single Black applicant is the “right one.”

The proper fit with the Plantation alums.

It’s about flippin’ time. Every rejection at this point – is adding insult to injury.

Keith, executive director of the Black Coaches and Administrators, has started searching for a potential lawsuit, he’s done, over waiting for black coaches to be hired to lead major college football programs.

Keith’s making a federal case of the issue . Last week, the BCA opened a national telephone hotline that offers legal advice to coaches, a move that could eventually lead to a case against universities under civil rights legislation.

And, as most sportsfans know, the Round Mound of Rebounds weighed in with this poignant point pertaining to Auburn’s selection of Gene Chizik, who’s failed to win at Iowa State, 5-19 and the rejection of Turner Gill, who turned around Buffalo, MAC Champs 8-5, beat Ball State.

“I think race was the No. 1 factor,” said Barkley, who balled three seasons at Auburn during the early 1980s. “You can say it’s not about race, but you can’t compare the two resumes and say [Chizik] deserved the job.

Out of all the coaches they interviewed, Chizik probably had the worst resume.

Barkley mentioned how he and Gill, friends, thought Gill’s white wife was a factor in Auburn’s deliberations… Aint that a bitch? Not to mention Chuck pointed out what we’ve all been saying, Blacks are getting the crap jobs, if any job at all.

Before I tell you where I sit, let me tell you where I stand.

Of course I support the BCA lawsuit, but I believe the time has also come to stop singing we shall overcome, and start swinging. Exercise a little of the untapped power of which Black athletes are too apprehensive to bring out of the attic.

Auburn’s 2009 football recruits should be contacted, via personal letters, where they, and their parents should have the case presented to them – their kids are not respected at Auburn, because Black men in general are not respected. Go somewhere else.

Consider a Historically Black institution or at least a mainstream one that has a meaningful number of Black assistant coaches on the team.

The parents of Dario Perkins, 5’foot”9, 185-pound running back Jamie Collins, a 6’foot”4, 218-pound quarterback, and. David Conner, a 5’10, 180-pound defensive back, top Auburn 2009 pigskin prospects will be receiving a phone call from me.

A stranger with a plea….don’t give these elitist redneck bastards the satisfaction of dying on the field for them. Take your talent, heart, blood, sweat and tears somewhere else for the next four years.

Auburn’s wish- list is long; Travante Stallworth, Brandon Heavens, Onterrio McCal, Dee Fordebb Harris Gaston,Tyler, Knight, Reggie Taylor, Ladarius Perkins, Eltoro Freeman. Good thing I’ve got two #2 pencils….

Auburn, or Norte Damn or the U of any state, Alaska to Nebraska, ought to understand there will be consequences and recruitment repercussions for their, what can only be deemed ‑ racist behavior

There’s no need for me to pontificate, there’s no need to fire-off letters-to-the-editor at a sports publication or to newspapers in Auburn. No, none of that’s going to make a dent in these collegiate crackers minds.

Instead, there should be aggressive efforts to make sure not a single Blue chip Black Boy lend’s their skills to certain overt programs.

Can you imagine what would happen if more programs began to look like BYU? Some lily White college teams couldn’t win the high school championship in their state. I BS you not.

OK, forgive me, that was an insult…but highly accurate nonetheless.

Of course this lack of respect is widespread, with what – 4 out of a 114 big time NCAA programs have at the helm a Black coach, while the make-up of major college teams are what, 50%, 60%, 70% Black?

Still, at some point Blacks have got to cease participating in programs which are blatantly practicing a philosophy of “boy, you can be the engine which propels us to the Bowl game, but you can’t run nothin'”

Black Power….We didn’t get 40 acres and a jackass, but we did get 50 states and a White House…

The feelings are no different at the pro level, fans are fans at any level, and deep pocket ed alumni see the world just like the aristocrats who run the NFL. There’s a sign posted which says No Coloreds.

The injustice of it all is so, so obvious, it just simply does not require any presentation of the facts. We all know the facts, the numbers. The devil provides the details….No, really. 4 out of 114….

Please, with all the “die nigger die” fan mail I receive, I’d love for somebody, anybody to explain, rationalize, minimize, justify these types of #’s. Racism, discrimination, exclusion, what else can explain this situation….happenstance?

No, Mr. Keith should utilize the court system to apply pressure to these good ol’boys, because otherwise, if Black folks wait for White folks to decide we’re capable of running a team like Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Georgia State or Boston College…we’re going to watch Kentucky Blue Grass grow under our feet, pigs will fly, they’ll be serving Tequila Sunrises – on the rocks, in Hell.

Forgive me, but I’ve a problem being insulted. It seems if we don’t begin to dig-in and fight back at obvious wrongs, like these horrific coaching numbers, then history will have little choice then to dismiss this generation of Black folks as…. irrelevant, pre-occupied with platinum. with bitches, ho’s, six-fours’, bling, blang and dead presidents.

Don’t forget, before we blow our own horns, Black America jumped on the Obama Express, and Black athletes… had to wait until it was safeto stand-up and support the President Elect, these big Black bucks had the backbone of H.R. Puffen-Stuff, afraid to pull their empty heads away from BET (Nigger-vision), their Play Stations or I-Pods and take an informed, enlightened adult stand.

Once more, I’m sorry, but BET has ghettoized, thugarized and in the end – Niggerized Black America. The least of us, have come to represent and speak for… most of us, and that’s not right. We’ve been pre-occupied with all that glitters, and oblivious to what matters.

This matters.

Our Black boys are giving their all, for football programs which truly view them as athletically gifted Buckwheats, quasi-illiterate day-dreaming of Escalades-gold-platted dat’ be, battery operated gladiators.

Money-making toy soldiers – who come to the U of wherever, unable to read, write or cipher at a ninth grade level. And, of course, few ever receive a degree, but many help generate millions of dollars for the program.

Serve as recruitment tools to woo other young Black boys who want to blow-up to be just like Marcus Allen, Roger Craig etc… Hey with those two – you could do anything, most diverse dynamic duo one could have.

This pimpdom must come to an end, and the only way to bring this change about; stop asking, requesting, suggesting, yes even begging in some cases and instead – make it happen. Force the issue.

If we waited for this nation to treat us equally, with mutural respect and human decency….. we’d still be pickin’ cotton and sugar cane, doing a little jig, in Black face, top hat and cane….. like TO does every weekend in his mindless, endless quest to entertain White folks….Dim-wetted dumb-ass.

Any way, I applaud both Floyd and Chuck for speaking up, but it wouldn’t hurt if us little people started a grassroots effort to light a fire under the asses of …get this – liberal, progressive institutions of higher learning.

Gee, it would seem colleges would be some of the first to implement change, put in charge qualified Black coaches, but noooo, instead the Athletic departments are full of angry paranoid, insecure White men willing to maintain their fake artificial stranglehold on power, by any means required, and if that means red-lining the head coaching slots, then so be it, these weasels have no problem with it.

They’ve been playing musical chairs with head coaches slots for years, as well as with the QB position. They won’t stop this practice till a larger greater force stops them. That force would be ….

Black Power.

And oh yeah, where do I sit…any goddamn place I want.