Straight No Chaser: Reading The Public

By Desi Cortez
Updated: December 15, 2008

DENVER — Silly-ass me. Might it be, I’m misunderstanding what’s too well understood? I hear Mark Ingram Sr. is on the run, going deep, quad-triple moves…..Central America, Tobago or Chile, attempting to bust through the over-the-top FBI coverage….

He hoped to stay out of the Big House until his son, a Frosh scholar running back with the Crimson Tide completed his first season at Bama’. However, Mr. Ingram has failed to report, turn himself in to Johnny Law and as we speak…so to say, there’s a posse on his tail.

As I read this, I feel for his son, a young man in a media spotlight for all the wrong reasons, I say a little prayer, asking the big guy to keep one eye on this kid, keep him strong, keep him keeping on. I cringe when I think of Tony Dungy’s nightmare….

Obviously I see the Ingrams as people, and I feel for them.

Here’ a few thoughts from some sportsfan who read the same sad story on AOL.


Well, granted I understand the apologist will quickly site the anonymity which comes with the internet and what that grants folks the audacity to say and do, still I can’t help but want to accept this is the face of , what can only be….millions of angry White folks.

From Berry Mountain: For heaven’s sake. Leave this poor, victim alone! He is staying with the Obama’s and then Jesse Jackson, and the Sharpton Families! Poor fella’ just can’t get a break! I can only wonder what a entire race has done to guys like this, where they can harbor such hate? Black folks arrived as slaves in 1619, since then we’ve been clearly oppressed and discriminated against. In my lifetime America was legally separate and completely unequal, and since the mid 1980’s…we/ve killed more of our own via Black on black crime, then the Klan did in the previous 100 years….

Black folks, since the days of Nat Turner, have never, (and maybe wrongly) sought vengeance. Instead the worst riots of the 20th century were the ones started by white folks lashing out at Blacks… if say Jack Johnson whipped some White man’s ass….

We’ve fought in wars, escorted Polish and Irish immigrants across the Wild Wild West as Buffalo Soldiers, by most accounts, saved Teddy Roosevelt and his make believe Rough Riders at San Juan Hill.

Tuskegee Airmen escorted B-29 Bombers over the skies of Germany during WWII, the Big One. There untold stories of Black GI’s during Nam, Master Sergeants saving the ass of some fresh out of the academy 2nd Lieutenant’s ass….Yet we’re hated as if we were the ones who enslaved, raped, tortured, and humiliated for almost four centuries.

Rich wrote: Not to sound like a racist but why is it always a black man with sports money getting busted for crime? I strongly think none of them have any brains, just God given talent all of which goes to waste because they can not think for themselves. Never hear of a white man being shot. Never a white man transporting drugs, never hear of a white man carrying a gun, just what the hell is it. Must be lack of brains and wanting free room and board for a long miserable time. Michael Vick.

What part of this am I not getting?

I read the Ingram story, and my heart bleeds for them, these folks read the same story, and lash out like this. The only answer I can come up with is….this is the handwriting of hate, blind hate.

Gator wrote: Another prime example of the black athlete. ever since they have become so prominent in sports they have given most sports a bad name. drugs, rape, boozing, murder, does the list end. dog fighting .carrying illegal weapons, I guess that list doesn’t end. the sports league forgive and forgive and now their sports have become a disgrace.

Logically these are Republicans, perhaps Libertarians, Independents, beyond the political right, but they’re the guy who works at the bank, hospital, law firm, policemen or firemen…see how scary this is. This guy tells most people “I’m not racist” then he evaluates a Black man’s application or test…..

My question is; Where’s this Angry White people outrage when it comes to George’s bloody little war, the exportation of bread winner jobs to China and Mexico – and with them the American dream of a middle class lifestyle?

Where’s the righteous appalling, the indignation in the face of Conservative small government, the everyman for himself, I got mine…you get yours Republican Party…. taking the White working American’s paycheck, and giving it to their corporate fat-cat frat bros’?

And these gentlemen voted for McCain…. more of the same.

Yet these imbeciles are pissed of at Plax cause he shot himself, up in a club where most of these White guys would venture. Now their ex-girlfriend or sister may be up in da’ club, falling prey to Jungle Fever, in search of some big jungle love….

Whoaaaaa! Wait. Might that be? Could it be, interracial intercourse, this alone may be one, two or maybe three of the cornerstones of this blind hate…..?

Interracial intercourse, be it verbal or physical – between a Black man and a White women is the button. All the laws, all the hangings and castrations, the once you go black, once you spend the evening with the Mandingo, a white women’s definition of a man is forever changed, you’ll never go back…

Who’s to say if this Birth of a Nation animalistic depiction of Black men is on the money…but after 40 plus years on this rock…I’m damn positive a serious slice, 50% to 70% of White America believes it to be the gospel ….

Emmitt Till, the Scottsboro Boys, Black people use to be keenly aware of the “off limits” area sexual mingling was, you just did not cross it, White men had the legal authority to put your Black ass back, on the side where they thought you belonged, in a few pieces.

They could ruin your life if you looked at them in they eye….where’s that come from? And if you dared wink a White Women… who was winking at you……

Of course I can’t say what produced the hostility, what caused this feeling of inferiority/superiority in White men, but it is my contention…this gut feeling still exist and it’s evident the way White men overreact to Black men, because this power issue is always at their front of their mind.

We see this play out over and over and over again in virtually all facets of American society, it’s redundancy is flippin’ amazing.

But by the way, white men had the legal authority, and the moral vacancy – to rape Black women at their pleasure… this was widely practiced, perfected from the President down to the rank and file Rednecks….

Black people don’t come in every color of the fudge Bomb Pop fudge-sickles, high yellow to jet Black…and everything in-between….. because Black men have been bedding White women. Black America covers the spectrum because of White men’s infatuation with Ebony women.

Dig the inhospitable attitude displayed towards Donovan McNab; his wife was with child, twins to be exact? She what delivered a couple of weeks ago Think of the pressure twins put on a couple’s physical, mental and emotional state….

I don’t think I read a story in the mainstream press which focused on this human aspect story…..What a man goes thru when his mate, his spouse, his lover, his partner, perhaps even soul-mate……because it’s just McNabb’s main ho with a tight belly.

Drooping a couple of shortys’ Their relationship, their rock solid marriage can’t be equated with Tom Brady or Matt Leinhart wholesome, little House on The Prairie lifestyles…

Really the pooh-poohing, the overlooking, the diminishing of the very thought…. a Black man and women are …civilized, cultivated, love just like Howie Long loves his wife and family, or Boomer, or Troy Akiman love their families.

Don’t try to stop me ; I’m not going too far.

Consider the Obama Fist Bump; the uproar, the ridiculous accusations which were read into it by…. White America; was it militant, or gang related, a Muslim terrorist thing?

Shit was so far fetched you just shook your head at what you were hearing on CNN, FOX News, Hate-Radio, in the coffle houses and the steak houses. It’s as if White America is on a different isolated, insulated planet than not just black folks, but most of America’s ethnic/ minority population.

The Right in this nation, self anointed true Americans …. hate the UN, and they hate us.

The Ingrams, in the eye of far too-many Caucasian fans to phantom…. are not a tragic story; It’s instead what happens when niggers get money. The elder Ingram’s not a man who made a mistake, like the Governor of Illinois or the coke head in the Oval Office, he’s a goddamn Nigger – who needs to be punished. His kid is no better. Lock him up before it steals something, lock them all up…..

I can only guess this malicious mentality is what fueled the “only good Indian is a dead Indian” mentality white America adopted as they instituted Manifest Destiny. This begins to explain the No Dogs/No Mexicans signs.

Maybe I’m wrong, and I’m hoping I am, but I just don’t see this sizable chunk of America, 100 million plus WASP, willing to share, play nicely with others, it just does not seem to be their past history or current desire.

The conservative base in the US, hates the United Nations…they believe they’re different, in a better kind of way, and I just don’t see a change in my grandchild s life time. Oddly, and probably telling so, instead of a ounce of understanding, a sadly serious situation like this produces pounds of …Black Humor.

Dave added: I think the NFL is getting close to either creating a new franchise in San Quentin, with the number of present and former players either in, headed for or are candidates for prison. And OJ can be the team’s coach. There’s also a possibility the Cincinnati Bengal’s franchise will be moved to San Quentin, being the team already has a number of players knocking on prison doors. IT AMAZING ME HOW MANY GREAT ROLE MODELS WE HAVE IN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS!!!!!!

This is the kick in the nuts. If the young Mr. Ingram is negatively impacted by his dad’s dram, turns to drugs, or takes his life….that’s just another thing to poke at, joke about for scores of White sports fans who find pleasure in his personal misery…

You know, that’s like, how dare a mo-fo to be so-low as to judge the 18 year old man-cub….considering the lack-of character displayed by characters on Wall St, in a damn-near entirely Lilly White Congress?

Noting the present-day White House Administration – riddled with high crimes. Terms like treason and economic sabotage attached to VP Dick Cheney, folks believing he the betrayed America – the heart land – for personal gain.

Whoaaaa, wait a goddamn minute Archie Bunker…. The troops, the boots on the ground have been sold-out by real Americans, Ol Glory wavers, flag on your pajama lapels, and you two-faced bastards let those boys go into Iraq with Full Metal Jackets…made by Wrangler.

You sent them in driving my neighbor’s SUV – a Hummer. Hell, I’ve seen them on flatbed trailers after they’ve hit a deep pothole.

Akin to Benedict Arnold – Right Wing politicians sent GI’s back, back for a 2nd. 3rd, 4th tour of downtown Baghdad – under-protected …. where’s the Neo-Conservatives’ screaming about that type of criminal behavior!?

I’d wager we could fill Levenworth with crooked politicians from both sides of the chamber, businessmen from a variety of industries, most highly respected because of their pedigree their proper credentials.

Where’s the outrage over that injustice? The sacrificing of little white boys from Green Acres, Buggtussel and Petticoat Junction…. so some aristocrat who’s made a fortune off the military/industrial/technological industry can make a little mo’ money.

No. The average White guy can’t admit that, he just wants to lock up all the niggers bouncing a ball…