Straight No Chaser: Hang ‘Em High

By Desi Cortez
Updated: December 6, 2008

DENVER — Is it better to be feared or loved….? Feared. Fear last longer

This is the dog-eat-dog America, the forgotten urban reservation, the other-side-of-the-tracks where a large slice of Afro-American athletes grow up in. Not all, but most. An rough, hostile environment that Plaxico Burress more than likely was raised, and today chooses not to leave… or can’t leave.

They get a knife, you get a gun. They put one of your’s in a hospital, you put one of their’s in a morgue.

This is an accurate description of the antagonistic, adversarial role the established sports media has chosen to play in reporting-on, covering, scrutinizing the Black athletes who predominate pro-sports in the USA.

The sports press, the audience they cater to and craft their opinions to fit… are from a far different world than where most NFL players hale from. A world, by-and-large in-different to the plight of the Black race. Their political, economical and social values reflect that disconnection. They cannot disconnect, nor perhaps do they want to…their hostile, anti-black feelings from the sports they love.

Chew on both these next logical points; America’s major sports pastimes are covered by angry white Republican men, and you can feel and taste that in their coverage. Next, a sizeable number of white fans maintain a love/hate relationship with the Black athlete. They love certain Black players, but they hate most niggers…

Is that so very far fetched?

A young black man ascends, stumbles, tumbles, and the press is unquestionably adversarial; the complete flip-side of what they were with DiMaggio, Mantle, Marciano, Bobby Layne, Hornung and Karras (Webster’s daddy) Namath, Bird, Montana, Elway, Brady, …..

Why is that? Why has the press gone from acting as jock-sniffing male cheerleaders to Great White Hunters? Relentlessly in-search of out of control, runaway, 3.7 million dollars-a-year field slaves.

Their goal; to bag themselves a mandingo, make a name for themselves by playing to the dressed up, college educated trailer park trash fan which just wants to see a lynching, be it Chris Henry, Brandon Marshall, pick a black player, any player, any place, any position, if he has a scrape with Johnny Law, the instant verdict is…..hang ’em high.

Send a message, make an example of….

You’ll get no argument from me…Plaxico is an arrogant, reckless, clueless, pompous wife beating (those two incidents drew no outrage?) irresponsible prom-queen – who just played himself, shot himself in the foot, ass leg, whatever….. but he’s also a lost young man, who more-than-likely grew up….against-all-the-odds.

His family probably didn’t have a pot-to-piss-in, or a window-to-throw-it-out-of. Mom’s dead. Average educational attainment in Plax’s household? Nobody in his family has ever made a hundred grand a year, let-along the millions Plax just raked in ….

But that’s an irrelevant point to the 29 year old white reporter from Idaho, segregated and gated Chicago, Boston, LA… pick-a-city, any city, their all segregated by the White Flight color-blind white America engages in.

There’s more than one type of “drive-by.”

Plax clearly has a few issues he needs to come-to-grips with, and he’s not equipped to do it. His background, who raised him and how he was raised is what we’ re viewing play out in front of the cameras.

I guarantee you, Plax doesn’t know how to be a man, because their was no man, no father/grandfather to show him how…..I know, cry me a goddamn river….

But who gives a damn right? We’ve all got problems , right? A lot of kids make it against all the odds without any of the benefits and perks of a middle class two parents Huxtable lifestyle…..

You can either approach this story from the angle, and that’s what it would be…. Burress is but another gangster-thug who needs to be locked-down , or, you can take the perspective – this man, Mr. Burress is astray, but worth saving……

He’s in dire need of spending some serious quality time with Calvin Hill, Jim Brown, Bill Cosby, Dr. Alvin Poussiant, Dr. Cornell West and Dr. Harry Edwards…. he needs an Black man intervention.

Some one needs to tell Plax….what’s at stake…some folks want to personally ruin him, while once more tarnishing all Black sportsmen. Plax, this is far bigger than you….

Otherwise, if Plax doesn’t have a wake-your-ass-up moment, come out of da’ club at 2 a.m., when you got a wife and two little girls at home…he’s going to crash and burn.

I don’t think that bothers most of the guys who cover the NFL. But it pains me, brings a tear to my brown eyes, probably because I give a damn, I relate. I look at the ebony Spartan as more then 2/3’s of a man. More than a wind up toy.

Mainstream USA views Plax, like they view A.I…. the face of America’s “problem.”

Now regardless of both being my color….but not my kind, I thought I was suppose to be my brothers’ keeper. I know that’s soapy, kind of Hollywood to some, but I’m not a Republican – I do believe in all for one and one for all, life more complicated than only the strong survive. Black writers can’t leave these young rudderless men to the sharks….

Just take a gander, the fans and journalist, in unison shouting ….

Hang the nigger, kick him out of the league, lifetime suspension, double-triple probation, jail, banned from the league, make him sweep out the locker room, i.e. humble and shame the nigger, break him, embarrass if not hopefully destroy him.

Dig this : ESPN message board, posted by mission brent – having that pistol without a CPL is a Felony. They should also charge him for illegally discharging the weapon in a city, and I am sure they have a law against being intoxicated (which I am certain he was) while having a firearm

Gotham Mayor Bloomberg went out of his way to make a statement….

make an example of Burress.

How many people in the Big Apple, searched by the police, after not shooting anyone but themselves… is locked down for 3and a half years for just having the gun? Here you have a selective application of the law…in order to make a political and racial point.

I got a statement…..Attica! Attica! Attica!

The reaction to this case is what burns my ass. Cut and dry….America does not like Black people. I can’t make that point enough. It’s pretty damn clear this nation has an insidious infatuation with punishing Black men.

And that desire is amplified by the mo’money and fame that Black man has accumulated. The hate meter goes off the scale with millionaire athletes who are not gracious and humble enough in the eyes of white folks – who let them play the game and keep all that money.

The attitude and approach from the media and the white guy fan base is always – get a rope. This is a theme which show’s up in my columns all the blinking time, simply because it’s the only chorus you hear from writers at any of the more recognized established sports media machines, and there’s no effort to present the other side of the coin…me, the truth, uncut, unfiltered.

I bet you a rib-eye, if you poll the writers, the reporters, the bloggers, the guys who post messages…

FOX News is their News provider of choice. There’re vastly and undeniably middle class Caucasian men, and, I’d bet, unlike the so-called liberal media – the sports press is not comprised of mostly Left-Wingers.

I’d venture off 3rd base, steal home, and make the point – most of these guys at Yahoo Sports, USAToday, ESPN, CBS, NBC, ABC/SI, and MSNBC….. supported McCain/Palin.

Tom Jackson, that living and breathing blue-print for today’s undersized, yet quick and ferocious linebacker, was at a loss during the ESPN Countdown Show as to why Plex needs the gun, needs to be in a place where you need a gun.

Keyshawn Johnson believes half, half, half of the players in the league are packing pieces. OK, this is where the rubber hits the road……

Tom may legitimately wonder “why and how”, but White America, is ambivalent to the details. Just Get your-you-know-what together.

Now, they may care about the particulars when it comes to the New York Giants kickerLawrence Tynes’s sticky situation; his story was all over the internet and TV last week’ his big bra’ Mike, who’s about to do big-ass time for trying to move, get this ….18 tons of Mary Jane – 27 years in the Big House – he had serious priors’ and played hard ball with the Feds during this case.

The Tynes brothers have been set up with a Republican player, a lawyer, and they’ve got the ear of Big George W. and little Dick Cheney, their seeking a commute of his time…

I agree, they should, the Drug laws in America are senseless, bias and twisted, but the compassionate type of journalistic assistance the Tynes are receiving, the understanding from the fans – a frightful example of the racial duplicity in the sports world, the real world, the world of law and order, and the American court of public opinion.

There’s empathy, sympathy and pity for the Tynes predicament….the brother in jail…he’s a good boy, who just went astray, used his gifts for bad, instead of good. He deserves the system to be lenient, understanding….

While Plaxico…. is a worthless, no-good black ass…..