Straight No Chaser: Another Double Standard

By Desi Cortez
Updated: December 12, 2008

DENVER — So, long time, long frustrated Detroit Lion Dominic Raiola has apparently, according to the hand signals we’re receiving….loud and clear, gotten to the point, after having not recorded a win yet this dwindling season, just can’t take the verbal abuse he’s getting from the fans in Hitsville USA.

Lions executive vice president Tom Lewand said in a statement that the club apologizes to any fans offended by Raiola’s gesture. But Raiola said Monday that he had no remorse and was tired of being a doormat.

Well there you have it…screw you Motor City Junior fan…… Ford may sell a car before these thunder-less cats get a victory.

Nevertheless Raiola has simply had it. He feels justified to throw hands at the stands, he feels no remorse nor regret for flippin’ off folks, based upon the insulting nature of their endless remarks.

It would seem…there’s a time and a place for everything and everybody, and those options vary with the color of ones skin….

Most noteworthy here. Mr. Raiola is not being sweated by the sportswriters across America. It’s sadly understandable that he’s gotten to this horrible position. 12 games, 12 loses, it’s been hell. Almost a whole season of frustration and “almost-ers.”

It’s reasonable, expectable even that he may engage a fan or two, defend his mothers’ reputation, the family name and so on. My question to sports journalist who cover the world of sports, who’re the eyes and ears of the sports fans ….

Why wasn’t Mike Vick afforded the same tolerance?

I saw the same double standard with Jake Plummer here in the Mile High City. He too flipped off fans, and he too was not tarred and feathered like Vick. Why?

I’d guess, and I may be wrong here, but Vick has been called, over his football career, high school, college , pros, outside courtrooms….. everything under the sun.

Nigger, coon, Jig-a-boo, monkey, ape, animal, Black ass this and Black ass that. His intelligence, the mental capacity of Black men, I mean, honestly, the list must be endless.

Yet, three years ago when Vick threw up the middle finger at a gentleman in the crowd who’d been heckling Vick all night….. Even after Mike apologized a gazillion times, it was meaningless.

The house he was raised in, the schools he attended, the neighborhood and community he grew up in, his church, every individual and institution was anally probed and ultimately held dually responsible, accountable and liable for what Vick did that instance.

Why couldn’t Vick dig down deep, and come up with a little Jackie Robinson, who in his first year with the Dodgers, took those insults? Or, why could Vick not be like the Brown Bomber, and take it, or even Jesse Owens; show up the evil white man, but don’t insult him.

Truly, I’m blown the hell away at how the guys on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption can minimize this.

USA Today seemed to report it in passing.

Where’s the sharp criticism of this childish act? I

But when Vick did this……it was on CNN In the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer….the world stood still… for just a second. Recall, children witnessed this rude crude gesture.

I think in Mississippi and Vermont folks were calling for his middle finger. Children and ol’ folks had witnessed this ghastly Black man at work, they were scared…. for their life. I recall the possibility of fans wanting to sue Vick for offending them…

Now, after Dom threw his middle finger up and said to the critics and fans, if you don’t like it, here’s one for you….

it’s so quiet, you can hear a rat ppiss on cotton…. hardly a condemning column floating around, all the wordsmith are sympathetic to his pitiful plight.

$7,500 fine for a nine-year vet in the NFL, that might as well be a $7.50 fine, it has no meaning, no bite, it’s a token effort to pretend to punish Dominic, to appease the goody two shoes out their who demand some form of discipline.

Where’s the outcry from the good and decent parents who were so worried their seven-year-old daughter or 77 year old grand mother caught a glimpse of Dom’s fingers? Aren’t they going blind, visually paralyzed?

Tell me, why not Riaola reflects the dysfunctionalism of mainstream America. Is he not the 11-year-old boy in the suburban store who’s screaming at mom “fuck you bitch…I hate you”, and she ask, “now Dommy, honey, what’s wrong, why are you screaming at mommy like that, did you get enough rest last night?”

Does this pro athlete not reflect the stereotypical spoiled, angry white guy, who harbors no qualms about expressing his emotions, damn manners and decorum, its time for a tantrum.

Offending people is acceptable if one is pissed off. Why is his reaction to warranted criticism not being tagged as the problem with this generation of ingrates…?

Why does that ‘I’m mad, and I’m not going to take it any more attitude” not work for the Black sportsmen?