BASN’s Holiday Gift Guide (Day Six)

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: December 2, 2008

SEATTLE — There’s nothing more annoying for an athlete than having on a pair of sunglasses that keep falling off of your face while your running or having the lenses fog up so much that you can’t see.

I’ve been on the hunt for several months searching for a product that could address some of the issues that I’ve been having and at this time I would like to introduce you to Rudy Project.

Rudy Project will be the last pair of sunglasses that you will ever own, the best pair of sunglasses that you will ever buy and they’ve created a style and design for everyone regardless if you’re an athlete or a spectator.

I own a pair of the Horus and I could immediately feel the difference as soon as I put them on my face. They fitted around my ears perfectly and felt secure on the bridge of my nose.

The Staff at Rudy Project take great pride in that fact so I had to put these sunglasses through the test. I shook my head like a wet dog trying to get these glasses come off but all that I got was a crook in my neck.

Rudy Project have a specially formulated polymer nose receptor that makes them extremely comfortable and impact absorption which keep them from fogging up or having to lift them up every so often to let the sweat out.

Rudy Project sunglasses are so light that you will forget that you have them on which seems a bit contradictory due to all the technology that has been invested in them.

The Horus sunglasses are designed with a high quality thermoplastic material, shock resistant and the lenses provide maximum UV protection.

One of the most impressive things about Rudy Project is that most of their sunglasses come with interchangeable lenses and come prepared so that you can have your RX prescription filled.

To find out which pair of Rudy Project sunglasses fits your lifestyle check out for more information and the dealer nearest to you.