BASN’s Holiday Gift Guide (Day 21)

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: December 17, 2008

SEATTLE — If you play a sport that requires any type of ball, puck, bike, board or track and you wear a jock strap or sports bra then you should also be wearing athletic gear by McDavid.

McDavid has created a line of products that will maximize your performance and help minimize your injuries.

McDavid uses Hexpad technology that is patented lightweight, breathable, individual foam pads that provides you with extra protection in various ways.

McDavid has the Microfiber T-Crew Neck shirt, Thudd Short / Extended Thigh shorts and HexPad V-Hex Body Shirt. Whatever your sport may be, McDavid has got you covered.

The SS Microfiber T- Crew Neck shirt is great to wear under your uniform to eliminate skin irritations. The microfiber fabric keeps the water off of you for comfort and to enhance your performance.

What I appreciate most about the SS Microfiber T-Crew Neck Shirt is that it really regulates my body temperature by keeping me cool on hot days and keeping me warm on cold days.

The V-Hex Body shirt is incredible and you can see the Miami Heats All-Star guard and Gold Medal Olympic Champion, Dwayne Wade, taking full advantage of its benefits.

McDavidThe V-Hex Body shirt has HexPads designed to protect your ribs and spine. The compression fabric conforms and stretches with your body for a fit so perfect that you will forget that you even have it on.

Taking a charge on the basketball court is going to feel so much better when you’re wearing the HexPad Thudd Shorts. They consist of five HexPads design to protect your thighs, tail bone and protect your hips.

The compression fabric keeps the HexPad Thudd Shorts from bunching up and gives you a clean tailored fit. It also helps reduce fatigue, muscle pulls and contusions.

McDavid is a revolutionary product that is soon to be a household name and it’s the perfect gift for any athlete of every age.

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