BASN’s Holiday Gift Guide (Day 18)

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: December 14, 2008

SEATTLE – MaxxDaddy is the Escalade of all folding chairs and strong enough to hold any bottom in its seat. It is so comfortable that you just may want to bring it inside of the house.

The MaxxDaddy allows you to prop your feet up, lay your head back and attach an umbrella on the side for a little shade. If you’ve got a cold drink close by there’s a place for it too.

The MaxxDaddy has been built with high quality plastic components, denser steel with tight stitching and heavy fabric weave. This chair can hold 1,500 pounds with room to spare.

The MaxxDaddy is a chair that has been built for those people with a little something extra on their backside. Yet it isn’t too big that a little guy can’t appreciate it.

I’ve had the MaxxDaddy chair with me at a few NFL tailgate parties this season and everyone that sat down in this chair had the same response, “wow, where did you get this and how can I get one?”

The MaxxDaddy chair is easy to set up, take down and convenient to carry around. It just amazes me how large it is and how much detail that went into this chair.

MaxxDaddyThe staff at MaxxDaddy listened to the thousands of request that came in from their consumers wanting more and designed this chair to those specifications at an affordable price.

This isn’t the type of chair that you would want let your brother-in-law borrow and definitely not your father’s old chair and I think that it’s safe to say that you will never see this chair at a garage sale so you better get your own.

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