BASN’s Holiday Gift Guide (Day 15)

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: December 11, 2008

SEATTLE – I’ve got a special pair of running shoes that I’ve been wearing for about two years now.

There are holes on the side and the fabric is starting to give way in places but I still love them. I do have other shoes that I could wear but I always come back to this one pair, it’s like they are calling me.

“Hey Wesley, do you want to go for a quick run today?”

I’ve had to rescue them several times from the clinching hands of my wife holding gasoline and matches in one had and my shoes in the other. I leave them out in the garage, but what more can a guy do?

She almost had me convinced that maybe it was time to send these shoes off to its final resting place until I heard about FootFix Replacement Insoles.

FootFix Replacement Insoles extends the life of your shoe, adds support but also addresses any particular need that you desire to get out of a shoe.

I’ve got the FootFix Maxi Comfort which is perfect for running and other active footwear. The Maxi Comfort formed perfectly to the shape of my foot and provided a security that had been lost.

I put the FootFix Ultra in my soccer boots and oh, baby! It now feels as if these shoes were tailor made for me.

If only they could make me play better.

At this time FootFix Replacement Insoles have eight different styles to choose from with 11 available sizes. Their lightweight, easy to care for and maximizes support and comfort.

FootFix are not your ordinary replacement soles. Footfix have a deep heel pocket for stability, Gel Insoles that eliminates pain from Bone Spurs, Heel and Arch.

FootFix also has insole designed for Diabetic and Arthritic suffers. Don’t wait around another minute trying to make up your mind if you need them.

Call toll free at 1-866-366-8349 for a free catalog or check them out on the Internet at