A Need For Restructuring

By Richard Kent
Updated: December 11, 2008

Bowl Championship Series CONNECTICUT — It is seriously time to re-structure.

The college bowl situation in this country is beyond hilarious.How could college basketball have gotten it so right and college football gotten it so wrong? President-elect Obama understands this and made public his thoughts in a widely watched “60 Minutes” interview.

This year, Oklahoma and Florida are playing for the National Championship. That is all well and good except Penn State, Texas and Alabama also deserve a shot.

Maybe even Texas Tech should be playing and how could an undefeated Boise State team have been so completely ignored by the BCS?

It seems unlikely that the Obama proposal calling for an eight-team playoff will take hold in the foreseeable future due to the strangle hold that the Bowls have on college football.

A simple proposal called a plus one makes a lot of sense and should be utilized. It would call for all the bowls to take place as presently constituted but for there to be one further game at the conclusion of the Bowls, pitting the two teams who performed best not only during the season but during the Bowl season against each other.

Certainly there are pitfalls in the above proposal given the fact that it might lend itself to teams seriously running up the score against other teams.

But in all likelihood we would ultimately get to see the two best teams in the country as of January in each year playing for a true national championship.

Certainly the two teams would come from the BCS Bowls and taking into account a year such as 2008 would probably never include a team like Cincinnati who is playing in a BCS Bowl simply by virtue of winning a very weak Big East.

It would appear logical this year that the three teams vying for the two spots would be Oklahoma, Florida and Texas. Under this scenario rematches would not be discouraged, but rematches would perhaps under the appropriate circumstances, be encouraged.

In other words, if two teams met in September that should not serve as a disqualifying factor for them playing in January.

This proposal would also encourage better match-ups in September and early October as teams in major conferences would come to the realization that they would not be severely penalized by losing to one another during the regular season.

Just one man’s opinion.