Straight No Chaser: Yes, We Did!!!

By Desi Cortez
Updated: November 8, 2008

DENVER — I can only hope that President-Elect Obama’s election will create a Trickle-Down effect. White America will have little choice or no choice, but to admit that the Black man — like any other creature — like those of European decent are capable, able, good and decent, in any, and all facets of life — including sports.

The Black man too, posses the qualities and high character to successfully lead a nation of millions, a team of 52 men, a high powered aerial offense…….

Yes we can.

And yes, Obama is Black, despite having a mother who was of the Caucasian persuasion. When 18-year old Barry Obama shows up to pick up the Republicans daughter for a date…. He’s Black all-right; he might as well be Sidney Poiter in Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

In the eyes of about half this nation, McCain supporters to be precise, a Black and Asian guy, at 3:30AM, when there’re walking to your car in a parking lot….is Black. Tiger would not be Afro-Poly-Asian-Euro-Caucasian whatever the hell he’s grappling with – he’d be Black.

My apologies; tell the truth, shame the devil..

White guys, you’ ve absolutely nothing to fear, but fear it-self, that prehistoric, primeval trepidation your parents instilled in you. An uneasiness passed down, from generation to generation.

Black people are mentally incompetent, intellectually inept, cerebrally clumsy when it comes to sports, we can run really fast, jump really high, but are incapable of laying out a fundamentally sound game plan, relate to alumni and sponsors, motivate players, manage a game, manage a team, etc., etc.,

President-Elect Obama will not run this nation into the ground….at least not any further then the Bush administration has, just as Daunte Culpepper can’t dig the Lions any deeper into the hole it’s already drowning in. Just as Byron Leftwhich came in and helped the Steelers win…..

Ponder this; There’s been not one complaint that head coaches Dungy, Lewis, Love, Edwards, Tomline, Shell, Green or Rhodes ever treated a White player any different than they’ve treated a Black player.

If it were happening, you’ve got a frustrated overly eager, envious sports press….who simply could not wait to expose that type of preferential treatment and torpedo a uppity Black man’s career.

That type of impartial behavior on the part of Black coaches, ought to start to quell the groundless concerns, all the stereotypical fears about President-Elect Obama rise to….power. (Damn that sound good): No, the White House won’t be painted red, black and green by January 20th.

No. the stretch limo’s will not have spinners, they’ll shall not be Q’ing it up on the front lawn, playing bones and spades, bitches and ho’s parading around in thongs (in fact, that WAS Bill Clinton’s personal fantasy).

The Amos & Andy Hour – it’s not going to come to past…it’s merely the unfounded fears Rednecks .maintain. What can you say, ignorant is, as ignorant does.

These are the same forms of predictable doubts and age old suspensions Black folks face when seeking a gig as a head anything, but clearly in the realm of coaching in the NFL and collegiate gridiron programs.

Racism and classism are the exact reason’s why the numbers of Black coaches are so very pathetic and inadequate when it comes to these two national pastimes.

Hopefully these insulting accusations will be challenged and offset by Obama’s even-handed application of power.

These accusations of are why Black players have been discouraged to play Quarterback, because as Black men, the false belief has been “Blacks don’t collectively have the required skills to be leaders of men” – according to the perceptions of ….angry , insecure White men.

So, as Obama guides Team USA down the field, strategically dismantling the defenses which confront our national progress, as he rally’s his troops to victory, manages the game, perhaps his success will make it easier for JaMarcus Russell or Seneca Wallace to be excepted as “leaders.” It’s really no more complicated than that.

One of the by-products of having a Black president; Obama will demonstrate, contrary to popular belief, contrary to the propaganda, Black men are as smart as any other man. We have the ability to improvise, adapt, and overcome anything.

The Black Americans experience here in the US is a testament to our ability to overcome a plethora of white manmade obstacles, and our own self-inflected head wounds. But nonetheless, we’ve done just that, against all odds.

Granted, I well understand it sounds as if I have a chip on my shoulder, some yearning Obama will set this bastards straight, prove to….the world the reputation we’ve been branded with is false, malicious. I do.

I’ve got a big ass buffalo chip on my back, because I’m tired of charges like “Mike Vick” is too dumb to play a decision making position, as is Vince Young, as is what, 3/4ths of the Afro-American QB’s in the NFL?

I’m too well aware , after 40 plus years as a Black man, living in this land of freedom and equality what the ….assumptions are, the direct and in-direct insults and innuendo are, the weight of which Afro-American boys and girls grow up trying to escape.

There is a level of academic and intellectual curiosity within the Black American community. No, I’m not going to ignore the belittling allegations regretfully, I don’t have a problem with climbing down here in the mud, getting dirty

I now the pig likes it….but so do I. I’m no ex-flower child Hippie who objects to trading barbs and jabs. I know when I’m being insulted and slighted, and I’m not above challenging the finger pointing. I got a middle-finger to point also buddy.

Desi Cortez, have mind…will speak it.