Straight No Chaser: Picture This

By Desi Cortez
Updated: November 19, 2008

DENVER — Mr. Webster tells us Diplomacy is : Skill and tact in dealing with people. Subtly skillful handling of a situation. Wisdom in the management of public affairs.

I’m going to have to go with that, it’s the only explanation I can phantom which explains how athletes share a Kodak moment with the Ivy League cheerleader still residing in the Oval Office.

I ran across a photo of the outgoing President mugging it up with the 2008 NCAA Championship teams a few days ago, and I was at a loss as to – why?. Why accommodate, why lend any creditability a man who’s pimped and exploited the country?

Can someone go turn on Bill Winter’s Use Me, I think it’s what you’d call apropos, fitting even….

You must believe W. still has, under-glass somewhere in Crawford or Kennebunkport – his Yale Male-Cheerleader … uniform….outfit…, forgive me, I’m not really sure what you’d call his ensemble, and truthfully, I’m happy-as-hell-I-don’t know…..

What I do know; regardless if I was a new crowned champion of anything, if I’d been swimming laps since I was 4 with Aqua-Boy, if I’d swam the English channel once-a-week…with an anvil on me back….

I’d not shake the hand of a man who has helped orchestrate the sad-state-of-affairs this nation finds itself in today. Slap him, spit on him – hopefully I’d have the balls to do so, but to honor George W., recognize him, give him his proper’s by acknowledging him with a handshake… No.

Cannot play with him. Cannot win with him. Cannot live with him. Can’t do it.

Posing with this presidential pretender is akin to taking a picture with “Tricky Dick” Nixon, Herbert Hoover or Benedict Arnold, because this clown’s 8 year run will, for all eternity be believed to have been stolen, bamboozled or hoodwinked. A president forever connected to the 9/11 disaster, bloody Iraq and the 1st economic depression of the new century.

Remember Katrina!!

So why would anyone want to be caught breaking bread with W.?Sad to say, in this particular case – they’re jocks, and apparently…. dumb jocks. Young people, intellectually curious, academically inclined – supposedly spending their days in college …learning something.

Now, what courses they’re taking, the classroom success they’re achieving…based on this mistake, I don’t know? Hell. it look’s like it might be the same college Jethro Boden from the Beverly Hillbillies attended….Nonetheless, they’re allowing themselves, their name and fame to be pimped…by a presidential pimp.

OK, ok, all right, maybe it’s not a matter of smarts and knowledge, maybe it’s about core beliefs…Bush, despite the man being a simpleton, could honestly be their President, their man, their SOB; these athletes could be down with stealing from the poor…. to give to the already filthy-ass rich. Perhaps they want to be at war with the world, they could proud to stand with their small “d” dictator, Little Lord Flat-Bush?

Or, it could be the lack-of any real beliefs. Might it be, they don’t have any values, any political, social or economical positions of which to stand on….? There not twisted too far to the right, they’re just dumb.

Or, perhaps it’s just a chance to meet the President, and it’s all about the position, the title, the office, and not the man himself….

But, (and this is a noteworthy but, it’s probably an ass); how do you separate the man from the office, and only recognize the presidential seal while ignoring the weasel make-believing to be President?

Would you want to shake the hand of other noted tyrant and dictators throughout time, across the globe? Probably not. So why strike a pose with a guy who stole the White ?

Does today’s modern gladiator have the enlightenment that Spartacus, Hannibal, Maximus or Ben Hur had ? Do they have any connections to the working class rural villages and urban megalopolises they hale from? Where their families still are…..unemployed, foreclosed upon, unable to afford quality medical care…?

Is they any human cause or political movement outside of their teams win/lose record that they’re willing to fight for?

Do these student athletes, grinning from ear-to-ear, showing more teeth than a Great White Shark, mixing-it up with the executive butt-naked emperor on the White House lawn or in the Rose Garden – understand this President would, if he had his way – pass legislation to eliminate the financial aid programs most college students-of-color depend on?

Do these athletes understand these bastards are plotting and planning how stay at war with the world for decades to come, and guess whose blood will be exchanged for all that Black gold and Texas Tea?

If Bush and his party had their way….Instead of shooting balls in Madison Square Garden, these athletes will be dropping bombs in Baghdad. College books will be for only the blue-blooded draft-dodger Bush types, who can afford to buy an education.

Do they also understand at the same time the GOP is inviting your black ass to the White House, they’re working even harder to keep you out of their neighborhood schools and malls?

Call it diplomacy, tact, discretion, prudence, or call it naïve, unsophisticated thinking. But my mother always told me theirs a time and place for everything, and sometimes you have to make a stand, a decided and determined stand, place doing-the-right-thing above personal gratification and acclaim…

There’s just no way athletes should be seen in the same photo as this lame-duck Commander-in-Chief, and these scholar-athletes should know better than to be used to promote an administration, a political party which is opposed to the betterment of the everyday American.