Straight No Chaser: Perception Vs. Reality

By Desi Cortez
Updated: November 25, 2008

DENVER — So this is a long one, you’re going to have to walk through this with me, because I don’t get it….

I caught Alaska’s Governor Gidget being interviewed, and behind her – some lumberjack, who’s, in the eye’s of the PETA lunatics, murdering, decapitating, in the name of some primitive Pilgrim ritual – turkeys, those grounded, but majestic proud colorless cousins to the peacock family….I guess.

Where’s the widespread outrage?

Where are the bird lovers picketing the state capital? Why does this Calamity Jane snapshot endear this women to the rank-and-file Bubbas? It’s obvious it confirms her authenticity as a real outdoors-women….

as one of their own.

Why was America, real Americans in the GOP, repulsed by fighting dogs, but ambivalent towards beheading turkeys?

I tell you, if Brett Favre or Jake Delhoumme were found to be raising roosters for cock fights, had it down to a science, breeding, feeding, fight gear….Ernest T. Bass was consulting them, the whole chicken fighting scene, I’m sure some of the same people who want Vick tarred and feathered, would still just want these two role models autographs, a pic with them.

And least no one forget, this proud redneck bimbo princess is a moose hunter, and they-do it from a helicopter…. and still call it a sport. And don’t think this is the only defenseless animal she kills.

Nevertheless, Vick’s hobby was far worse than these recreational sports.

The same people who’re outraged Mike Vick treated dogs like ….Conan treated people…. are going around killing living creatures for fun. Yet they’re appalled at what Vick participated in – a back-woods/inner-city tradition, very popular with Gober and Gomer might I flippin’ add, which warranted a ticket if you were caught doing it a few months prior to the Vick scandal, when it was still a misdemeanor….

Yes, that’s right, not considered a felony, in a nation of individuals who love to kill animals, who eat animals and done their hides as cloths… A nation which “puts to sleep” hundreds of abandon and abused dogs and cats….every day.

And for those folks who do brutalize domesticated animals, desert them – we don’t hunt them down and put them behind bars….we just don’t do it. But for Vick….. there’s this odd yearing to ruin him as a man. The headlines read “Vick enjoyed watching dogs die.”

I’d guess hunters are cold, hardened, oblivious to the last dying moments of Bambi and Rudolph the Red nose Reindeers life also….That’s why and how they can be cold-blooded killers.

I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to roll-out the chalkboard, draw my dumb ass a picture, because I’m lost. Society’s contradiction is too great to go unnoticed.

Our selective use of “high morals and values” when it benefits certain players is the poka-dot plaid elephant in the living room….Tom Brady in his “tom-catting around” has started a litter, as has Matt Lienhart, but there’s been nothing close to the damnation a Black QB would receive if he were making babies on the side…

These overt, undeniable differences; The Coke Kid in Jacksonville, Matt Jones…. George Bush and Dick Cheney still in office, not likely to ever go to jail…Wall St. CEO’s who walk with a golden platted, diamond and ruby studded leer jets…. while the workers are left to eat cake….

Big Apple Police who execute Black men…. the documented beating/denial of Rodney King, and, the depicting of President Elect Obama as a terrorist, a communist, a racist, an elitist, by White folks with Ol’ Glory flying from their front porches….

These obvious discrepancies lead me to believe there’s no bleepin’ way I can be convinced Vick was convicted, especially in the court of public opinion, based upon the brutalizing of dogs. The gambling aspect is all but irreverent.

No, that’s not what this is about at the end of the day. It’s not that simple because the layers and angles to this story are deliberately being ignored – they’re too volatile, too inflammatory, too combustible.

What’s being toned-down? Vick was hated from day one. Not because of who he was, but because of what he is: a Black signal-caller. A threat to the status-quo – who could redefine the position if he was successful. Too flamboyant, too rich….

Is their an argument from the pea-brain gallery who wishes to contend that point? Any sportsfan who wants to deny the game of football – up until what, last week…. had a No Coloreds sign hung over the QB line from Pee-Wee league on?


And when did that sentiment, Blacks are inferior – when did that go away? McNabb thinks it still exist, I bet every Black QB and coach think degrees of those beliefs…still exist.

Please, I’ll need someone like Rush or Dan Patrick to set me straight….tell me how they’re color-blind. How the country is color-blind…. after this presidential election.

But let’s move on, from historical evidence to looking at this 21st century hanging from an individual perspective; the mere mentioning of Vick’s name…. generates columns, message boards, and blogs which are stuffed full of brutal examples of the bitterness and hatred… I’d like some Bubba to contradict that.

That’s not my opinion friend, that’s the goddamn fact! Go read it.

Little 12-year-old white boys might have ran around with No. 7 jerseys, but their 30-year-old dads, and 53-year-old grand dads…didn’t like it. Wearing Vick’s jersey designated you a “Wigger” in the eye’s of your caucasian peers.

Vick was, and is to this very day, apart of the USA Litmus Test; if you’re don’t want to stone Barry Bonds, decapitate OJ, or burn Vick at the stake, bound an gag Marion Jones, bitch-slap both Oprah and Winnie… then you must be black.

That’s where the lines have been drawn. If you don’t want to draw and quarter these people, you’re soft on crime/niggers…same identical thing in the mind of a Republican sports fans.

Here, let me drag this back to what is a given; Mainstream USA (White Folks) embrace Black sportsmen like Tiger, Tim Duncan, Jordan and Jetter, this model idea Negro preference goes back to Joe Louis, Floyd Patterson George Foreman and Smokin’ Joe Frazier, who was deemed the quintessential “white man’s Champion” – because of his wars with Ali, The Black man’s champion.

The man who’d told White America “Aint no Viet Gong called me Nigger” ….. The White man’s champ. What gladiator of today has the gumption to speak so truthfully about the situation?

Please, let me spell this out, because it is something that despite the documentation, you can’t put your hand on – White arrogance and paranoia. America hates Black athletes who are too Black, and you know what I mean.

Vick represents the defiant, bold, arrogant, fearless, proud, cock-strong, confident, quite-sure-of-himself eye-catching ebony gladiator. A stud, a buck, a mandingo, his mere presence in the pocket aggravated White folks. Go figure?

That’s it, in a neat little package.

It’s not really about the crime or the treatment of dogs. It’s about rectifying a situation, shoving down the throats of Blacks – “boy, you ain’t ever so big and strong…we can’t put you back in your rightful place….Prison today, running back in 09.” It’s about insulting, belittling a Black man. All Black men who cheer for Vick.

Vick represents the power struggle between Black and White, the desire of Whites to “control blacks.”

O.J. wasn’t too Black…so he could date White women. TO, too close to a blond snowflake in a bathrope, that makes white guys…uncomfortable, because they don’t like TO….He’s too Black

Stop, look, and try to listen… Read the unfiltered internet websites, listen to sports talk radio, it’s painfully obvious the sentiment across this nation is to punish Vick; keep him behind bars to his skills diminish, punish him separately for the state charges, then after he serves his federal and sate time, suspend him from the NFL and if all that can’t be finagled by some good ol’ boys, who know some Crackers, who know some NASCAR Dads who’re judges….

There’s a hope in America the whole affair has branded Vick, , forever painted and tainted the former Golden Boy.. A man, straight outta’ the projects, with no criminal record before this incident…as a dog fighter, such a pariah, no team, no city wants him because sponsors will run from him – he’s not….marketable.

Translation; white folks, the local court-of-pubic-opinion will want to continue the punishment for ever….

Not a man-killer, not a wife-beater, not a drug dealer, but a dog fighter. Not an alcoholic or coke user like the current president, not a draft dodger condemning men and women to their deaths in Iraq…

They eat dogs in China, don’t they? But, the US, which is us, we still do big business with them, don’t we. We’re not so outraged we’ve halterd all trade and commerce with the peoples Republic. Wal-Mart is still got a pipeline to tainted milk…. right?

Hypocrisythe practice of claiming to have higher standards or beliefs than is the case.

Ain’t that a female dog…