Straight No Chaser: Bad Intentions??

By Desi Cortez
Updated: November 10, 2008

DENVER — I was going to leave this one alone,,,,but I can’t help it.

My son, my boy Elroy, away at college, came home this weekend, and was like; “Pop’s did you see Brandon Marshall after the TD, and after the game being interviewed?”

“Yeah son, I did, but what did you think about it?”

I didn’t offer any opinion, I wanted the perspective of my son, someone younger, cooler, hipper, more in-tune with today’s players. Smarter at 20 did I was at 25. Of course he’s a chip off the ol’ brick. But he’s a nicer, smarter guy than I….

“Marshall’s a fool dad! Did you hear him in the post-game interviews? The man didn’t know who or what he was talking about. He couldn’t tell you what his point was, what his purpose was. Me and my boys were just sitting there like….

you gotta be kidding…?”

The announcers were like ” what the hell did he just say.” It was a joke! Marshall came across as the so-called Obama supporter, who’s really just a fan. Pop’s, he made his college, his high school and his parents look bad. He was looking down, no eye contact, mumbling in Ebonics…..

“Pop’s…. Obama doesn’t need that kinda help.”

I believe my son is correct, Governor Gidget in Alaska , George W., both sounded brighter….and that’s sad. I don’t think any of them know Africa is a Continent….

My son hasn’t seen and heard what I have. He’s not as cynical, skeptical, or pessimistic as his father. He didn’t spend his formative years in South Central LA, he didn’t ride his dragster bike, rhino handlebars, 5 speed, parking break, banana seat, sissy pole, rear shocks, with front drum brakes baby….up and down Crenshaw Blvd. He didn’t have a 38 snub-nosed waved in his face like his ol’ man did at age 11 by Baby Jake, leader of the West Side Baby Crips….

By 14, my son’s been to Europe twice, could ski Blues with ease, and was infatuated with the both Disneyland and the Black power era of my father, who was still alive then, a aging Black Panther, who participated in the Watts revolt, was a member of the Che-Lumumba Communist Party…. So my son’s like Ferris Bueller, dipped in chocolate, he swims thru life with the ease a Pieces does.

Participate for my dad, means he took scalps…..

At age 14, my folks altered/saved my behind, they placed me in deep suburbia, where I spent high school, Aurora Colorado. Befriending White boys, fighting white boys.

Dating White girls in the mid 1970’s and watching their folks blow a cork… The experience left me with only a slight, measured belief that Black and White can live together….

Can we put on – one hit wonder….Timmy Thomas’s….

Why can’t we live together?

My son’s much more objective, impartial, so when he was baffled by the idiocy of Marshall, that was my green light to place my foot squally up Brandon’s ass… so far, you’ll have to call AAA to get it out.

I thought I just needed to pull the needle out of my eye and loosen up a little. My expectations are that of Jim Brown — I hate buffoons and minstrels.

Marshall’s Mission, to honor President elect Obama’s stunning victory is understandable, we are all happy, elated, exuberant …all that, but it seems he should have had the balls to not let Brandon Stokley derail him.

That’s like Tommy Smith and John Carlos letting Australian Peter Norman stop them from raising their black gloved fist in Mexico City. If you’re going to do it., do it, don’t blank around, don’t let a, and I’m going on a limb here, a probable McCain/Palin supporter turn you ’round son.

Be willing to pay the price a ….multi-millionaire can.

Next, if you’re going to attempt to make a political statement, have some understanding of what the Hell you’re talking about…. You came across as an pathetic example of who the Right wants to depict as the average Obama supporter.

You sounded like a 13 year old fan, not a young intelligent, former collegiate scholar/athlete. You can take that any way you want, as asking this kid to sound White, or you can take that as not sounding like a run-a-way slave from the Miller Plantation down round Decatur Alabama….1857).

I’m sorry, but this BS sends me .

Marshall means well, and I respect his intentions, but goddamn son, pick up a newspaper, flip the channel from BET to the History Channel, read a flippin’ book. Educate and enlighten yourself before you lend your support to something as serious as supporting this still racist nation’s first Black President.

It’s great, nifty and nice you support President Obama, but it would help if you still decide to show your jubilation for Obama, that when they actually interview you…. you don’t sound like a cat who was mildly educated while in college.

What’s wrong with sounding like Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, Wesley Snipes, Sidney Poitier, there’s simply no excuse for failing to learn how to present one’s self.

No, I don’t care if it hurts his feelings. Brandon, you’ve got too much potential son, you can rewrite the record books. But it doesn’t appear you can read or write too well.

If you have the success you want, and clearly can attain, then you’ll have to step-up your intellectual curiosity, understand what the you know what you’re talking about, and be able to present it in a fashion and manner which is impressive, an asset to the new President, not an example of what they insultingly claim are the dumbasses who really don’t understand why they voted for Obama….outside of he’s a brother.

I expect more, is that wrong? This man rumbled, stumbled , bumbled, fumbled and tumbled through the thoughts he was painfully trying to transform into words, and those words into a eighth grade level sentence.

On top of all this, he’s a f-up, without maturity or discipline. A Harvest Festival prima donna to be flippin’ sure. Trust me, I live at the foot of the Continental Divide, this fool doesn’t know he does.

He thinks, I guarantee you, the Continental Divide is the pull-down counsel in the middle of the back seat in a 1961 Lincoln….Continental. >Frederick Douglass was by and large a self-educated man, what’s this mo-fo’s excuse…?

I don’t know what Brandon’s personal sad story is, I haven’t checked out Wikipedia yet, but I do know his mamma was not sold-off to another plantation, I doubt his mother was raped and impregnated by her master…. Marshall has no excuse.

Finally, my question to Marshall; Son, did you ever offer to stump for Senator Obama’s campaign, did you organize your teammates, see what they could do for Obama here in Colorado.

I saw Rod Smith lend his name and fame to the struggle for the White House, the probable Hall of Famer Marshall is trying to replace, but I didn’t hear nor see this young man stand up and speak out, till the win was had, in the pocket….. that disgust me to no end.

Now the question is, after Brandon Stokley regrettably settled the young emotional Marshall down, will he regain the gumption to show his support for President elect Obama.

My bet is Coach Shanahan – who’s daughter was outgoing President Bush’s daughter’s college roommate… the Shanahan’s were at the western White House, Crawford for the young lady’s wedding, Shanahan and Elway have shown support for McCain when he came thru town in his losing effort to win the Oval Office ….

I once more guarantee you Marshall has been sat down and . It was made clear such an “antic” would not be tolerated by the team, and he will be fined significantly if he pulled such a “stunt.”

We’ve heard the end of Brandon Marshall pretending to be Huey P. or Bobby Seale, he’ll go back to playing a hustler or pimp, like he was the night he was in the limo when Darrant Williams was killed by some wanna be gangsters in downtown Little DC…

It’s easier.