Orange Sends Irish Eyes Crying……Again

By Lloyd Vance
Updated: November 23, 2008

PHILADELPHIA — In a take-that moment for Notre Dame, senior Cameron Dantley — son of one of Notre Dame’s basketball legends (Adrian Dantley) — threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to Donte Davis with 42 seconds to give Syracuse 24-23 upset win over Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

Dantley’s touchdown pass left Notre Dame stunned as their disheartened fans scrambled for the exits. The Orange had trailed 23-10 in the fourth quarter before rallying as Notre Dame struggled mightily on offense.

The Irish (6-5) came away with just six points after starting four times inside the Syracuse 23-yard line, including three times in the third quarter when they settled for a field goal.

Dantley (13-of-25, 122 yards with one huge touchdown) said of the win, “To do that on this type of stage on national TV, it’s just a dream come true”.

Losing to Syracuse (3-8), who was a 19½-underdog was unfathomable as several fans and media are ranking the loss as one of the worst in Notre Dame history.

The loss now leaves embattle head coach Charlie Weis with another blemish (the first opponent with at least eight losses to beat the Irish).

Weis is on a very hot seat with administrators and he now has a 28-20 record over four seasons, which equates to a 58.3% winning percentage.

Did I fail to mention that Weis’ winning percentage is the same as former head coach Tyrone Willingham after his three years before being unceremoniously fired — Oh, the irony !!!

I wonder if Notre Dame is trying to think of a way to jettison the smug Weis, who just happens to have seven years left after this season on a 10-year contract (signed a big contract after only 7 games in his first season, through 2015 and is reported to be worth between $30 million and $40 million).

Get out the Rolaids…Charlie and Notre Dame administration, because that monster of a contract may have to be eaten.