BCA Releases Football Hiring Report Card

By Black Coaches and Administrators
Updated: November 12, 2008

BCA INDIANAPOLIS — In an effort to address significant issues that pertain directly to the participation and employment of minorities in sports, Black Coaches and Administrators (BCA) released the fifth Football Hiring Report Card (HRC) Wednesday.

The BCA HRC critically analyzes and grades FBS and FCS institutions that conducted searches to fill football head coaching positions in the previous season. The fifth HRC will provide the results of 31 such searches during the 2007-2008 seasons; and resulted in only four coaches of color hired.

The 2008 season began with eight coaches of color, six of whom were African-American. With the recent firings of Coach Ty Willingham and Coach Ron Prince, there are now only four African-Americans, a Latino and a Pacific Islander as head football coaches in the FBS.

What is so unique about NCAA college football that it differs so greatly from the NFL, Men and Women’s NCAA basketball or the US Army in leadership?

“It is easier to become a head football coach in the NFL, a head basketball coach in the NCAA, a general or commissioned officer in the United States Army than it is to become a football coach within the FBS or FCS. That, America, is just not right”, said Floyd Keith, BCA Executive Director.

Keith continued ” It is rewarding to live in this country and see the direction its citizens are headed; but we still must deal with some areas of social injustice that remain a blight on an otherwise promising future of change”.

In a movement of understanding and involvement, Everett L. Scott, Jr., Of Counsel with the firm of Spector Gadon & Rosen will review available options to reverse the current trend.

NOTE: For additional information, visit www.bcasports.org or contact Glenda K. Wilson, BCA Director of Marketing and Events.