BASN’s NFL Picks: Week Ten

By Tony McClean
Updated: November 5, 2008

NFL Sunday Ticket NEW HAVEN, Ct. — Back in 1967, a local New York TV station would begin their evening newscasts with the ominous question, “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are?”

Now over four decades later, the ominous question being asked around the NFL is “It’s Week 10. Do you know who or where your starting quarterback is?”

From Derek Anderson to Vince Young, this year’s NFL quarterback carousel has been seemingly working in overdrive. In fact, within the last 24 to 72 hours, I can’t remember when there have been so many QB changes (injury or otherwise) this late in a season.

For just a sampling, take a peek at this:

Cleveland: Derek Anderson – out; Brady “The Mighty” Quinn – in.

Detroit: Daunte Culpepper – signed; Dan Orlovsky – dead man walking.

Chicago: Kyle Orton – hurt; “Sexy Rexy” Grossman – in.

San Francisco: J.T. O’Sullivan – out; Shaun “Who” Hill – in.

Houston: Matt Schaub – out; Sage “Here, Take It!!!” Rosenfeld – in.

Pittsburgh: Ben Rothlisberger – questionable; Byron Leftwich – ready.

With seven weeks left (Wow! Where has the time gone?) in the regular season, one gets the feeling that there may be even more changes under center around the league.

Stay tuned.


Through the first half of the season, NFL games are averaging 44.2 points per game, the highest average at this point in a season since 1983 (44.4). If that mark holds, it would top the NFL 16-game season record of 43.7 points per game in 1983.


St. Louis rookie defensive end Chris Long has four sacks on the season. Who holds the Rams’ record for the most sacks in a season by a rookie?

A. Kevin Carter B. Deacon Jones C. Sean Gilbert D. Jack Youngblood

(The answer comes at the end of the story).

LAST WEEK: 10-4 (81-49 overall)

The good week-bad week trend continues for yours truly as we’re able to get another double-digit win week. We had to sweat out wins at K.C. and Tennessee, but we tried to warn you about the Steelers and the Fish. However, I foolishly thought the Silver and Bleak would show up as well as Team Tivo bungling their way to a loss at Indy.



It’s time to cue up Denzel Washington’s movie “The Mighty Quinn” as the most hyped QB in Western civilization makes his first start for Cleveland at the Dawg Pound. After watching Mr. Anderson complete less than 50 percent of his passes this season, Romeo decided that it was time to call on Blair Kiel Jr. Getting smoked by the offensively-challenged Ravens will do that. As for the Broncos, they still have rope burns on their legs from their home loss to the Fish. Is this an unofficial AFC elimination game? More than likely. So who wins? We’ll go with the lesser of two evils.

Pick: Broncos.



Both teams are entering this game coming off huge home wins. The unbeaten Titans outlasted the Cheeseheads in overtime, while Da Dears just missed some serious embarrassment by defeating the Boys from Motown. In fact, it was the aforementioned Rex Grossman that saved Chi-Town’s butt after Kyle Orton got injured. Usually when a long winning streak ends, it’s usually a surprise team that does it. Well boys and girls, we’re gonna step out on a limb this week and make this our “Gomer Pyle” shocker of the week.

Pick: Bears.


Just when you thought the Colts were ready to be sent to their room, Indy pulls off a pretty decent win against Team Tivo. However, this week’s task will be a little bit harder as they face a Steeler squad that overcame injury and other mishaps to slap the Redskins at D.C. As we mentioned earlier, the status of Big Ben is still up in the air. Wasn’t it nice to see Byron (remember me??) Leftwich come in and take control of the game? I think it’s safe to say that whomever starts under center, the Black and Gold will likely leave Indy feeling black and blue.

Pick: Steelers.


It kinda interesting that the defending Super Bowl champions aren’t really getting the kind of respect that I feel they deserve. They’re 7-1 and most pundits are more focused on the fact that the eight teams they’ve faced have a 27-40 combined record. They can shut some folks mouths this weekend if they can go into the Linc and beat the Iggles. This is no slight to Philly, who are starting to peak. But you’ve got some folks who have been muttering the word lucky when talking about Big Blue. Bottom line — this will be a good ol’ fashioned NFC East battle Sunday night and I think New York will prevail.

Pick: Giants.



The last time we saw a Monday night game in the Valley of the Sun, we saw then Cards head coach Dennis Green mention something about a crown and a butt. I could do an aside on Mike Singletary here, but I’ll politely pass. As for the actual game, Arizona is boasting their best record at the halfway mark since going 5-3 in 1984. They currently have a three-game lead in the NFC West and could possibly win their first division title since they won the NFC East in 1975. Considering the rest of the division, Arizona may already have this wrapped up and the Niners won’t likely stand in their way.

Pick: Cardinals.


Packers over Vikings: The Cheeseheads bounce back with a strong road win.

Falcons over Saints: Okay, I admit it. We’re starting to think the Dirty Birds may be a possible playoff team.

Lions over Jags: This is under the premise that Daunte Culpepper will be under center.

Bills over Pats: Despite last week’s loss, we’re not ready to give up on Buffalo yet.

Panthers over Raiders: This just in — Oakland re-signs Art Shell……TO THE ACTIVE ROSTER!!!!!

Texans over Ravens: I’m envisioning Mario Williams in Joe Flacco’s grill all day long.

Rams over Jets: I’m still not ready to call Gang Green a contender.

Dolphins over Seahawks: Mike Holmgren’s “victory tour” has turned into a sad crawl.

Chargers over Chiefs: The less said about this game the better.

Byes: Cincinnati, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Washington.


A. In 1995, Kevin Carter set the Rams’ rookie record for sacks with six.