Anyone Seen The Glue?

By Ronald Glover
Updated: November 12, 2008

76ers PHILADELPHIA — As the clock wound down Tuesday night on the Philadelphia 76ers fifth loss of the early season, the 13,000 in attendance at the Wachovia Center voiced their displeasure in grand Philadelphia style.

Welcome to Philadelphia, Elton Brand.

The 76ers sleepwalked through the first half, finding themselves down 12 points at the intermission. They proceeded to go on a 16-2 run midway through the third quarter, led by Andre Miller who scored ten points during that span.

The 76ers led after three quarters 67-63 only to be outscored 30-13 in the final stanza of a 93-80 defeat at the hands of the Utah Jazz. Once again, lack of team chemistry is the sticking point of their frustration.

One glaring difference between the Jazz and the 76ers is that Utah works the ball, six, seven passes until the best scoring chance becomes available. The 76ers look more like a group of guys looking for their own shot — good or bad.

Another glaring weakness last night and forever has been the interior defense. On several occasions, the Jazz were allowed to wander into the paint area without any resistance.

The forwards struggled to contain Carlos Boozer on the glass. He would finish with 19 points and 16 rebounds and of his four offensive rebounds, most ended with a basket.

Sixers guard Andre Iguodala (15 pts, 10 rebounds, five assists) continues to struggle in this young season, at $80 million over the next six seasons the fans want to see immediate results.

As Andre took a free throw Tuesday night, a fan about six rows back bellowed, “Andre give us our money back!” The best thing for Iggy to do at this point is to get a feel for the game; work into a flow.

Sulking will only make you food for the gods — this town feasts on its young. Believing a World Series victory by the overachieving Phillies was going to cut prominent athlete here a break was sadly mistaken.

Once again, Andre Miller (25 pts, six assists) shouldered the scoring responsibility in the backcourt. Brand cooled off from a good start and ended up with 13 points, five rebounds and six blocks, several coming in the third quarter spurt.

We’re only seven games into the season so the panic button is far from my reach. The number that I keep hearing for this team to get it going is between 20-25. If they can tread water until then I can live with it given their upside.

If not, the hole may be too deep to climb out of in the competitive Eastern Conference. Again, Welcome to Philadelphia, Elton Brand.