Why don’t they let Manny be Manny?

By L.A. Batchelor
Updated: October 11, 2008

NORTH CAROLINA — I am so sick and tired of the media bashing Manny Ramirez of the L.A. Dodgers! First it was the Red Sox and the Boston media, then the Red Sox players and fans, now it’s FOX Sports’ Tim McCarver.

Didn’t McCarver not learn from ripping Deion Sanders back in 1992 when he called him selfish for playing in the NFL and MLB and got a champagne shower when Deion finally had to see this judgmental coward?

Where does he get the audacity to criticize Manny Ramirez for the last two months in Boston and accuse him of dogging it and faking injuries. Was he in the clubhouse with Manny?

Is he Manny’s trainer?

Was he in discussions and conversations between Manny, the other players and management?

The answer is a resounding HELL NO!

Instead, McCarver arrived at his opinion the same way everyone else outside the team — through Red Sox talking points and propaganda. I heard McCarver say “we as reporters have to report the facts”.

Since when did McCarver become a reporter?

Baseball analyst, barely, reporter, NEVER!

What do you want, mainstream media? When we come across as angry, we are too militant, when we are happy-go-lucky, we are considered lazy. You can’t have it both ways but in your eye, racist mainstream media, I guess you think you should. McCarver needs to shut up and stick to analyzing the NLCS and shut up.

By the way, he may wanna bring an umbrella when he goes in the locker room when the series is over because the Dodgers will win and Manny may want to shower him with champagne like Deion did.