Whatever Happened To Bonds He’s…

Updated: October 7, 2008


Santa ” I’M BARRY HO HO HO ”

Maybe YOU think it’s

too early for Christmas

no no no NOT for those

like Barry Bonds who

have a Special Job

Yes it’s true we have little or nothing from or about Barry Bonds in recent months. Not surprising since he did not play Baseball this season and his Court case his 62 count indictment does not begin until next March which should insure he does not play next season. The following season ? By then Barry may be old enough for the Rocking Chair if he is not in the Slammer.

What has Barry been doing ? Having fun if you ask him as some people did in San Francisco on Tuesday. Barry added “he likes his freedom.” Which is a Double Entendre whether intentioned or not. What is a Double Entendre ? Look it up. You are on the Internet aren’t you !

All of this does bring us to Christmas LOGICALLY just in case any of our readers made critical comments after reading the headline BEFORE reading on. Turns out Barry Bonds aka Barry’s Noble Side is the Honorary Chair of Macy’s San Francisco Christmas Tree Lighting 2008 which raises funds for the University of California San Francisco Children’s Hospital.

Tuesday was what was billed as the Kick Off event for the Christmas Tree Lighting which actually takes place on November 28th when Barry will appear again. He made a brief speech. Sorry no transcript available. But assume it was no Big Deal. Barry spent some time with the young patients at the hospital, posed for photos, gave out baseballs, signed autographs.

Always nice to see athletes Doing Good the more famous the more they should. In Barry’s case adding to the goodwill he generates he may be buying a juror or two in a way that is completely legitimate swaying some yet unchosen San Franciscans who might judge the quality of his innocence by the strength of his good deeds.

If the Box can give Barry some good advice – it’s FREE Barry – he could do worse than spending ALL Christmas Season every day from the Lighting on November 28th through Christmas Eve dressed up as Santa and collecting donations and gifts for the Children’s Hospital and all the other downtrodden in the San Francisco Bay region. Highlighting a different need each day of this Christmas Season. With that kind of visibility and contrasting so nicely with Bonds previous reputation as an aloof detached self-consumed SuperStar Athlete.

Who knows come next

Spring Barry may defy

expectations and win

an acquittal or just as

good a HUNG jury