What A Bad Joke Rewarding Failure Sound Familiar

Updated: October 8, 2008



The Spin Machine never

stops whether its Politics

or Baseball Mets Baseball

without a Doubt at all

Mets owner Freddy Wilpon ( as in Ping Pong ) has his Rich Guy’s PR machine working over time. And as usual count on it it never fails the SUCKERS in the Main Street Sports media suck it up every time. The latest CON is the Comedy Team of Omar Minaya and >Jerry Manuel.

Both were just rewarded with NEW multi-year Big Dollar contracts for their SUCCESS with the Mets. Yes the very same “success” Willie Randolph was humiliated, fired and kicked off the side of the road for. We will never get tired of writing about this pathetic episode in the annals of Sports. It is that good in a very BAD way.

The Mets of course COLLAPSED again after Jerry the Mahatma Gandhi disciple and Omar the snake oil salesman guaranteed it would NOT happen again. How could it. They are brilliant. They got rid of the “cancer” named Willie Randolph the pathetic idiot loser who demoralized the BEST team in Baseball with evil intent. HE WAS GONE.

Omar now had the manager he really needed the one he always wanted. There was NO doubt the Mets would be in the 2008 Post-Season likely go all the way. Because the WORST manager in Baseball. Maybe in the history of Baseball was gone. That that no good AFRICAN American over rated LOSER named Willie Randolph. Why did it take so long ??

Jerry Manuel is not only a Genius but so so well rounded and he is so so good at motivating the very best in every player heck too bad the Mets could not get away with a 9 man roster. That’s all Jerry needs to get the job done. Any 9 players it doesn’t matter.

And after each game they could all 9 sit around the locker room drinking herbal tea, incense burning, meditating and chanting while Jerry tells endless stories aboutlife of Mahatma Gandhi his Idol. His inspiration. All of them experiencing Nirvana.

While Jerry Manuel was getting the job done down on the Field with inspirational self-less Baseball. Omar Minaya equally a Genius but in his own way was FREE to travel throughout Latin America most of all every square foot of the Dominican Republic opening Baseball Academy after Baseball Academy with Fred Wilpon the Humanitarian he making his Billions available to Omar to SAVE young boys all over Latin America. Inspired by Jerry Manuel’s saintly life of sacrifice. meditation and non-violence Omar added Jerry’s home country India to his travels to include SAVING poor young Indian boys opening Baseball Academies.

Now that the Mets are on their way to

winning the 2008 World Championship

having ELIMINATED their one problem

that evil pathetic degenerate Randolph

that fatal CANCER infecting the Mets

once the Ticker Tape Parade is done

Omar and Jerry are going to volunteer

their services to President-elect Obama

do their part to SAVE the world during

the OFF season while

thanking God every day

they’re not African American

like Willie Randolph

so they won’t


Jerry Manuel OOOMMMMM