This ‘Cat’ Has Nine Lives

Updated: October 4, 2008



A cat has nine lives

for three he plays

for three he strays

for the last three


That’s the Proverb. The origin of “a cat has nine lives.” Now used more generally as a colorful way of saying someone has survived when you didn’t expect it. Which brings us to Stephon Marbury and why he may deserve to be “honored” with this Proverb.

Since early last season if not earlier it has been a foregone conclusion that Marbury would be GONE from the New York Knicks. He was hanging on by nothing but a Big Contract. Packing his Marburys ready to go home since no other team in their right or wrong mind was going to pick up Stephon’s MEGA-contrast and destroy their player budget.

Marbury going away was as safe a bet until recently as buying Merrill Lynch stock. Or maybe AIG stock. Well Holly Molly guess what. Guess who might be front and center more to the point front and guard when the Knicks open the 2008-2009 season under NEW coach Mike D’Antoni. Isiah Thomas’ replacement. Thomas’ new gig ? We hear he now travels the world for Billionaire Knicks owner Jimmy Dolan buying stuff or Dolan’s mansion and having fun doing nothing.

As for Marbury what may be giving him hope that he still has a home in Madison Square Garden is for the first time FINALLY at “camp” in Sarasota Springs, New York, D’Antoni, gave Stephon court time playing Guard with the team’s First Unit. Now back to the NINE lives. Marbury has been publicly indicating he will accept NO role with the Knicks except as a Starter even if he has to take a serious bath negotiating his way out of his Knicks contract.

Well life may be looking different as the new season grows ever closer and Marbury contemplates having NO more lives on the Hardwood even worse with his sneaker business in shambles (through no fault of his own blame Steve & Barry) certainly not in the premier NBA.

Maybe playing Europe ? Or even in the ABA ?? Where he’d get paid almost “nothing.” Far far better just maybe being the Sixth Man is a new role Marbury can grow into come to love especially for the absurdly Big Bucks Jimmy Dolan is “resigned” to paying Stephon.

For his part Mike D’Antoni is trying to stroke Marbury now the way you might as Black Cat. Telling the Cheap Sneaker Guru nobody is GUARANTEED a Starting Position NO matter what they think. Which may be NEWS to Chris Duhon signed to replace Marbury or Nate Robinson who has courted favor with the Coach at Camp this pre-season.

With Jared Jeffries recovering from a broken left foot and Eddy Curry dealing with his illness, Mike D’Antoni may have to be creative in who he plays where and when in the early days of this season giving Stephon Marbury enough renewed hope that there might be better days head for him especially if he doesn’t stalk off the court to play hide and seek with the Knicks again.

Marbury may prove

he has nine lives

as the Sixth Man

on the Knicks

who rises to the

Starting Five it’s

better odds than

Steve & Barry’s

will come back

from the Dead