Straight No Chaser: The Ultimate Cash Cow

By Desi Cortez
Updated: October 3, 2008

NFL Pimp DENVER– If Wall Street crumbles, and Main Street settles into an economic depression which can only be compared to the Great Depression….. There goes’ both neighborhoods the NFL lives in, does business in – depends on to generate the hundreds of millions it grosses annually.

The NFL is an econ-system, a planet, all unto itself, but it’s not in a universe all by itself. There’re more than a few NFL owners who’re riding the NASDAQ Rollercoaster, we don’t know when, how, nor where all this will end, or if it will jump the track.

Nor do they. however, when the dust settles, the league may have to restructure all of its financial contracts, projections and expectations….and compensation…adjust everything for the hard times which seem to be right a-round the corner.

Granted, tragically most of us can’t understand Romper Room Economics, but it’s clear there’s going to be a financial reckoning in the land of greed, hopefully an end to 35 plus years of Reagan’s Trickle Down Theory - the rich getting fatter while the poor …simply stay poor, and the middle class evaporates.

The vast and unlimited by-products of this deflation could impact all levels of the NFL. The fanatical fan’s pockets; not as deep — starting with the businessmen — who buy up the expensive luxurious fat-cat suits, as well as the season pass holder, on down to the big-game ticket buyer.

Not as many jerseys, caps, mugs, rugs, blankets and underwear will be sold. Hotel rooms and rental cars, restaurants, hookers, firewater shacks…the ripples are uncountable.

The pigskin’s league merchandising sales …will plummet., the cash cow, the hen, who laid the golden eggs. Dead, gone.

People won’t be able to use the mythical home equity line of endless credit, pull it out of their house to buy that flat screen which they saw during a commercial break pushed during the game, or take that vacation advertised during half-time.

Millions will not be able to live beyond their means via credit cards.

The NFL will feel this…

Corporate advertisers like damn-near broke Chevy and might-as-well-be Bankrupt Ford won’t be able to purchase commercial spots for half-a-a mill, for half-a-minute. Business won’t be giving away so many give-a-ways’.

Multi-national companies won’t be stamping their business logo on stadiums. Cities won’t be paying the high ransoms owners demand in order to upgrade sports facilities every-other-year. or else. because cities will be seeing a drastic reductions in property, payroll and sales taxes.

Now, as all this righting of the marketplace trickle’s down, then maybe, just maybe, the astronomical salaries players and coaches garner will also deflate, hopefully resulting in a nurse, teacher, or fireman now being compensated more, for doing a job which has much more importance and value than playing a sport.

This might influence just who young Black kids want to imitate and emulate.

Producing entertainment is not as valuable as providing an education to those who want to learn and lead. Maybe, instead of wanting to grow up to be TO, or LT…. more young Afro-Americans will begin to seek their fortunes as architects, engineers, plumbers or electricians. And to do so, they’ll have to … a book, and I don’t mean a playbook.

What if players could make no more than they did in the 1950′s and 60′s . What if players were more inclined to learn to read and write, because they couldn’t get rich toting the rock? What if they had to get a, oh my god, a real j-o-b during the off-season?

Then, a college education would actually have meaning, College wouldn’t be just the minors… for the majors. What if a solid education was required? What if academic skills, the 3 R’s had as much importance as rebounding, relays and receiving yards?

Think of the impact if a player could not afford a million dollar crib, but instead, a three-bedroom, two bathroon, for about 90 grand, and his monthly payment constituted about 25% to 30% of his yearly income?

His lifestyle would not be so enviable, so very desirable and sought after. If you wanted all that glitters, you might have to go to school to obtain the tools needed for living fat.

Picture Larry Johnson or Devin Hester driving a used car. What if Randy Moss had to work the off-season at the Bass Shop? If these role modelscouldn’t afford all the pimp paraphernalia, then maybe they would lose some of their inflated influence and clout.

Maybe not 85% of young Black boys would want to grow up to be something more than ….a athlete. Get this straight, I respect athletes, I just question they’re status and clout within our society, specifically those who reject education.

Those who go on TV after a game, and sound like they just stepped out of the Alabama Cotton fields of 1861…. and they grew up in Portland Oregon. Broken Ebonics.

“All I like to do in the off season is play basketball.’ Yeah, I can tell….

The weekly case of an athlete back-handing some women, the weekly driving while drunk case — and getting away with it, we wouldn’t see that as often. Players wouldn’t have the cash to retain Larry the Lawyer to settle all their male debutant drama

And, there wouldn’t be a need to carry 357 magnums in their 98′ Dodge’s glove-compartment. So, in the long 98-yard run, Black kids, if nobody else, might be better off if professional sports industry looses some of its prominence and exaggerated stature.

Kids might decide they want to grow up to be someone other than Reggie Bush.. And maybe the pro baller will become a better man if he must develop other skills beyond athletic ones.

Maybe Black Americans will be better off.