Straight No Chaser: The Bitter Season

By Desi Cortez
Updated: October 11, 2008

DENVER — “Kill him……”

No, surprise, that’s not the words being not shouted at one of the handful of Black Quarterbacks in the NFL. Nor are they shouting at Barry Bonds, O.J. or Mike Vick, the usual recipients of such “Die nigger die” threats.

Instead, these are the exact words, coming out of the mouths of GOP Vice Presidential hopeful, Governor Sarah Palin’s supporters in Florida. It’s documented. All over the internet, all over the airwaves.

Palin told the rednecks gathered that Obama doesn’t like American soldiers. “He said that our troops in Afghanistan are just, quote, ‘air-raiding villages and killing civilians,’ ” she said, drawing boos from a crowd that had not been told Obama was actually appealing for more troops in Afghanistan.

Later, Governor Gidget got the reaction that can only be hoped for when you do everything you can do to promote lies in an attempt to influence so-called “low information voters” that Barack Obama, somehow, just doesn’t fit in with the rest of us, and maybe even condones bombing American institutions.

Hitting again and again on Bill Ayers, the aging hippie turned respected college professor, from the Weather Underground, and his weak link to Barrack Obama, a member of the audience yelled back, “KILL HIM!” referring to Obama.

Earlier this week in New Mexico, Senator McCain asked the crowd, “Who is the real Barack Obama?” A terrorist!” a voice in the crowd shot back, clearly getting the message from Palin’s Klan rallies over the weekend, when Plain falsely said that Obama had “palled around” with a “terrorist” and “doesn’t see America” the same way real authentic, genuine patriotic Caucasian Americans do.

The jacked-up crowd almost turned on a Afro-American Cameraman; there’s footage of a guy screaming “Sit down, boy” to a Black gentleman just doing his job, covering a political rally, unaware a KKK meeting would be breaking out in the middle of it all. Supporters turned on the black reporters in the press area, waving thunder sticks and shouting abuse.

Others hurled obscenities at a camera crew.

“Sit down, boy.” to an African American man, is without question – an insult, and meant to be one. Granted McCain cannot control what everyone says, but he sure as hell can set the climate, the tone, feel and flavor for what his supporters believe is acceptable to say – clearly what they think McCain is looking for them to say.

These words are like smoke-signals, which condone, and give the go-ahead to the racist, violent hatred against Obama. It’s all OK, because “he’s not one of us, anyway.”

Obama generates Mike Tyson/O.J.-type hate…

On a broader blended level, Obama generates a cerebral, intellectual fear – coupled with a respect of his physical talents – which combined says ….

you can’t possibly compete against this man.

That fear is alive and well right here and right now. Today’s reality; a black man is about to step into a powerful leadership position. One-in-which White males have worked so hard to keep Blacks out of. There is a proper inferior place where Blacks are supposedly meant to occupy.

This Fear is the reason why we were forbidden to acquire the tools needed to climb the social ladder; banned from society, denied a quality education, barred from mainstream society, barred from this nations pastimes, be that sports or entertainment…. Fear that one of us might grow up to be…..captain of the team, quarterback, signal caller, field general…..president.

There’s a real reason why the paranoid puritan-like establishment once maintained laws which forbid Sammy Davis Jr. from wining and dining the same White women in the audience falling out over him….throwing themselves at the entertainer once he got off the Sahara stage, circa 1961 in Vegas…..

There’re reasons why this country did not want Little Richard and Jackie Wilson serenading their daughters, and why still today they don’t want McNabb, Russell, Leftwitch, or Smith playing at, redefining rather – the QB position..

That reason is hate, based upon White folk’s trepidation, their collective lack-of-confidence in themselves, their own abilities, timidity … a deep-seeded knowledge that – gee, we’ve put the Black man thru the shredder, sent them to hell and back. Nonetheless, we prevail, excel, against all odds, and in many cases make White guys look very lacking.

These political debates have hammered home this paranoid perspective, painted a Kodak moment of the bitter, broken old chalky White guy, going up against a guy who seems to be a blending of Sidney Poitier/ Harry Belafonte/ and Jimmy Stewart . Cool, calm, collected, competent …. And yet down-to-earth.

I’d imagine most Black people simply can’t phantom, can’t grasp the revulsion millions, yes millions of White folks harbor towards Black people. Palin and McCain are about to tap into that extreme dislike.

And what’s significant here, they are not stumbling upon the hate, they are looking for it, and it’s not too hard to find. Nonetheless, if they can’t find it, they’re willing to plant the seeds of hate, hoping they bloom by November 4.