Straight No Chaser: The Big Payback

By Desi Cortez
Updated: October 21, 2008

DENVER — Mr Webster defines Betrayal as; to harm or be disloyal to a country or another person by helping an enemy or giving information that is confidential

Perhaps betrayal is most accurate in defining what Colin Powell’s endorsement of Senator Obama for the highest seat in all the land will be regarded as. Envision an Oakland Raider, a superstar ….willingly signing with a heated rival like the Kansas City Chiefs or Denver Broncos, long time sworn enemies of the Pride and Poise boys. Can you say treason?

Powell is going a little further than changing colors from red to blue, from the party of the landlords, to the landless, from the have-everything elites, to the have-not much bunch. Powell’s going from a political team, where he was a token, to a team that actually looks like him, and cares about people who look like his mother..

I hope, and pray Powell’s enlightenment leads to a mass defection of Blinded Afro-Americans and other people of Color from the GOP. How anybody could stand with these good ol’ boys, after this presidential season …. is wonderment to me? They’re loyalty to the Right has been baffling to many.

Note, when Marcus Allen turned-coat, became a Chief, that was a statement move. A punch-in-the-face of Al Davis. Colin Powell in supporting Obama is a 3 a.m. wake-your-ass-up-call to the Republicans.

You can’t say the insulting things which are being said by McCain and Palin, and expect their not be consequences and repercussions. You can’t ignore the serious-ass ills and woes this nation is facing and not expect long-time supporters like Powell to reconsider their alliance.

Both moves were supposed to send one of those Sidney Poitier ( In The Heat Of The Night) slap-in-the-face to Al Davis. Allen decided to be enshrined in the Red and White of KC, not the Silver and Black. He forever closed that door….. Or at least to Al Davis takes his last breath… after that, Marcus might be the face of a new era of Raiders….

With Powell’s long awaited endorsement of Obama, the lonely Black Republican all but slams the door behind him… Powell may still see himself as a Republican, but as far as the GOP is concerned, Powell’s a traitor.

Those Rednecks in Palin’s New Republican Party will never forgive him. You watch the reaction over the next couple of weeks, the mastermind behind the Powell Doctrine, which put the storm in Desert Storm, will find he’s no longer “one of the good ones.”

Ungrateful, unappreciative uppity Nigger….that’s what they’re calling Powell hours after he endorsed Obama, as if he didn’t earn his General stars, as if he was not qualified to be Secretary of State, but rather the beneficiary of Archie Bunker handouts…

Ain’t that a bitch.

Honestly, if you put your ear to the ground, the real Right long ago determined Powell didn’t hate his own people enough – like Condi and Judge Thomas do. Powell was unable to turn both a deaf-ear and a blind-eye to the plight of his people.

Powell has supported Affirmative Action and the right of a woman to chose. For this Rush Limbaugh and his lynch mob have always questioned the depth of his Uncle Tom-ness…

I guess it ran only so deep….

KC Hall-of-famer Tony Gonzalez will find the same type of cold-shoulder or two in the KC locker room, because like Powell, he was ready to take the midnight express out of Kansas City, change teams in the middle of the season. Teammates will question his dedication, how much is he willing to give for a rebuilding team.

The radio airwaves flowing across flat-as-a board Kansas will be full of fans and sports writers who will label him a selfish head case, more concerned with his legacy, as opposed to being apart of a team….

But Gonzalez’s assessment of the Chiefs is as right as Powell’s summation of the Right; KC, like the GOP, will not win the “big one” for a while. Both squads are out manned. Herman Edwards Chiefs may be Braves, but they surly aren’t warriors. Matter of fact Larry Johnson is proving himself to be a big ass punk-ass women beater…

You don’t build a franchise around a cat like that….

Anyway, speaking of punks, the Republican Party is losing all its clout, its ability to compete, just as the stranglehold White males have had over American culture is ….dying, if not dead. Outmanned by Americans of assorted colors and White women, they can no longer force-feed Elvis down our throats.

The GOP stands alone, a party which has alienated and infuriated most of the nation and much of the planet. I love to make this point – because I know how much it burns the ass of angry White guys. There’s little love, even less respect and no sympathy for intolerant, arrogant White men in this nation.

Maybe Powell came to the conclusion…you don’t build a nation around a loose cannon like McCain, who has verbally and emotionally abused both his wives….it says something about a man.

Mike Shanahan, the aging boy-genius here in Denver seems to relish whooping the Raiders ass, and it’s because of how Al treated him, firing Shanahan in mid season. I think the same can be said for Powell.

The former Secretary of State resented being played by Cheney, Rove and Bush…manipulated into supporting a war that was not required….

Maybe the back-ground music for this column should have been the late, great James Brown’s anthem, The Big Payback, it seems it would have been fitting?

Welcome back to the struggle general, maybe this time our side….the side of all that is good, fair just and decent will win….?

We can only hope Powell finds himself as much at home being a Democrats as Marcus Allen found himself comfortable being a Chief.