Straight No Chaser: NFL Locker Rooms & Politics

By Desi Cortez
Updated: October 15, 2008

I’m always surprised when I’m talking to someone I consider to be more liberal, and then we’re talking about money and everything changes. I don’t say anything. I just scratch my head.”

— Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, an Obama supporter.

DENVER — Ricky Williams observation sums it all up.

Brady Quinn, one of the NFL’s hopefuls, as in a Great White Hopes, introduced John McCain at a rally in Strongsville, Ohio last week…I was a Brady fan, not any more.

That’s the price player pays when Quinn,s fellow Republicans, the cheerleading sports writer do their job. The truth gets out. Brady is no longer a role model in untold working class homes in Pittsburg, Cleveland, Buffalo…

I hope his ass never comes off the bench for the Browns, and if the “Mad Bomber” Dereck Anderson keeps going deep like he did against the now not so jolly blue Giants on Monday Night Football, he won’t.

Perhaps Quinn’s aware Obama will be lowering the taxes for 95% of Americans, folks making less than a quarter-million dollars a year…. and that doesn’t benefit the former Norte Dame golden boy.

I wonder if Quinn’s comfortable breaking bread with his fellow Palin Redneck fan-club members, some of whom are comfortable sitting next to folks who are yelling “kill him” when Obama’s name is mentioned, folks who want to see the Democratic Senator’s head chopped off…. or blow off.

That’s what their screaming nowadays, and this is who this young man aligns himself with. I wonder not just how his teammates rationalize his alliances, but how does Brady himself?

One can only guess Quinn realizes if the NFL goes belly-up, as some of their Wall Street sponsors are on the verge of, McCain, as President, will have Quinn and his little sister over in the Arabian desert, helping extend the US marketplace.

Well, what this does say; the NFL locker room is divided….thank God. There’s a few AP stories out there on the wire recently, citing the tension in NFL locker rooms this political season …it’s about time.

It means some of these prom-queens actually have their thinking-crown on.

Enquiring sports minds want to know, and are at last finding out… how this historical presidential race has descended upon the NFL, and I have to admit I’m surprised political conversations are even waged, I wasn’t sure they were. I was sadly convinced these gladiators were insulated and isolated from the ills and woes of the little person…

But, what we find out – not all are blind, but nor can all see …..

New York Giants defensive tackle Barry Cofield was quoting saying ” I think after Bush’s reign of terror, you know, and what we are seeing out of Sarah Palin, I think regardless of your financial station, I think it is pretty easy to support Obama.”

But, for every Cofield, you’ve got a confused NFL lotto winner “We’re right in the middle,” said Washington Redskins veteran Philip Daniels.

“We’ve all got family members that are not doing so well. Democrats would help them out, but Republicans would help us out.”

Daniels, an Afro American, 13 years in the league, millionaire, over, and over again…. and he voted for Little Lord Flat-Bush in ’00 and ’04.

I’m glad this guy pulled his head out, but I’m baffled at how far and how long he got it stuck up there. I can only guess how many other professional athletes help contribute to the eight-year entrenchment Bush has enjoyed.

How could these blessed fools turn their backs on the people in the village, the folks down by the river? Ponder this: right or wrong, the by-product of racial integration was the destruction of an already fragile solidarity amongst Afro-Americans.

Which is the foundation for these men not felling connected to the everyday Black man or woman. 300 years in America had Black folks already divided along skin color, hair texture, Baptist, Methodist, city Negros versus country Black folks, educated, uneducated, but, we all caught hell, an we all, despite our title, Doc, lawyer, whatever we were still niggers in the eyes of the controlling majority.

If you’re yellow, you’re mellow, if you’re brown, you can stick around and if you’re black…. You’d better get the hell back!

With token integration came the replacement of concrete barriers with …..a glass ceiling. You could escape the ghetto, never look back, and never be Black. My generation, who never really saw a legally separate and unequal US, we brought the “color-blind line and we the fire, took our eye of the ball.

We dropped the baton by raising a generation of kids who have no clue what life in America was like before the Jackson 5 was riding mini bikes in the Encino valley sidewalks in 1974…..

They are about to find out – if Obama is elected.

The racial hatred we are seeing ignite at this Governor Gidget get-togethers is sadly as eye-opener for this entire generation….There are more than a few Bubbas in a Mississippi trailer park who don’t like Black people.

As this column comes hot-of-the-press, people are bringing to Palin Klan rallies toy monkeys, stuffed animals…with Obama pens on them, calling the monkey Obama.

The insult is obvious, the question is also; does the average Black Republican understand he’s in bed with the enemy….?

Ethan Albright, also a Redskin, has already voted, via mail, for McCain/Palin.

Why? “he ain’t raising my taxes.” Clearly Albright does not get it…..

I hope the working class fans, those fans making under a quarter-of-a-mill gees a year remember this selfish bastards words and loudly boo and jeer his ass all season long ….The self-absorbed self-centered spoiled punk deserves it.

This guy’s vote, to save himself a buck…. cost a young American his life in Iraq. Albright, and others who voted for ol Blood and guts bush (our blood/his guts) enabled this war to take place in the first place. They facilitated the swap of blood for Texas Tea,

Same goes for Giants Punter Jeff Feagles “He is going to tax the wealthy, which is what we are,” said Feagles, referring to Obama . “We are in that category. You look at those kinds of implications, and I hate using that word, it will affect us.”

Somebody flip on the Temptation’s Superstar (remember how you got where you are), these wanna- be affluent big shots ain’t never heard it. The power of the glitter and gleam, being in an exclusive club – well-paid barbarians; so much juice does a lot to a man

He’s where I get lost. The NFL is full of cats, who, at best might average 35 grand a year, for 30 years of their lives, for a whopping grand total of almost a million bucks over a life span. The average US working bee makes about 30 grand a year…..

These players are making a lifetimes worth of wages for 7,8, 9,sometimes 11 or 12 seasons – spending money like Trump. Plus, the plethora of perks which go to NFL player: from free cars, free sex – with beautiful women, to free houses and talking toasters being given to you….

There is hope ; It’s insulting to think you would vote based on how it affects you financially, Giant Mathias Kiwanuka, said.

“I had that conversation even before I got my signing bonus. It’s a matter of general policy and what you believe in and what that person stands for.”

“When you look at it, I spent the majority of my life with an average upbringing to say the least, and that has shaped how I vote a lot more than the last couple of years living this lifestyle.”

The problem must be – there’re as many rudderless rich guys as one might expect and not nearly enough Kiwanukas’ – enlightened and informed. Too many who really don’t have any ideal what the difference is between the Great Depression, the Great Smokey Mountains or the Great Society and are confused about who their civil loyalties lie with – the unwashed masses, the dudes working down at the carwash or the gated community nobility they stumbled into.

I don’t think I’m going to vote,” said Washington running back Clinton Portis, the Redskins running back ” Because I make Republican income, but I need the Democrats in office, so which way do I go?

This confused multi-millionaire is a seasoned veteran, but not a veteran of the political science classroom. Hew didn’t get a degree from the University of Hard Knocks, he does not have any street sense even.

Buffalo Bill Langston Walker has declined to state his preference., but offers this up, which I think is all you can ask for in a dumb jock “You know what, educated people vote for their ideals. Greedy people vote with their pockets. And that’s all I have to say. You take it how you want it.”

“If McCain holds ideals that I find that I particularly like, I’m going to vote for McCain. On the other hand if Barack has ideas that I like, I’m going to vote for Barack. So I’m not tipping my hand, but I think that I, as a high-earning American should pay my taxes and pay my fair share.”

The man’s not too dumb, is he?