Straight No Chaser: Mr. Intensity and Mr. Excitement

By Desi Cortez
Updated: October 24, 2008

DENVER — It’s about time…..

The most open-minded, liberal, free thinking city in America, San Francisco, land of the fruits and nuts, home to the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, at last has an Afro-American head coach.

What took so blinking long?

Mike Singletary, Mr. Intensity himself,will motivate this mediocre bunch… or else. It will be Mr. Singletary’s will …over theirs, and they will loose. It will be his way…or the high way. Papa bear.. Sergeant Singletary. Just what a number of the home coming queens who make up this squad desperately need…

He’ll have them praising da’lord, while separating the man… from the ball. Singletary, a born Monster of the Midway will take the fabled 49ers to the next level – respectability, before the season is over….or else.

Singletary obtained his knowledge, expertise and Hall of Fame status the ol’ fashion way…he earned it. He paid his dues in Chi-Town, led a team, won a championship. Fine-tuned the Ravens’ elite line backing corps, and now he’s going to straighten out the Golden Gate Girls, make men out of them.

Speaking of paying ones dues, don’t you think Mike Vick has paid his dues? I do.

This cat had no police record, and he’s serving time now, for a crime a few months before he was busted, was a misdemeanor….? Convicted by a nation of meat-eating, leather pants wearing hunters.

Vick, we all know, is the victim of ….hate, envy, resentment…racism. Please, his fall and imprisonment had little to do with dog-fighting and much more to do with simply….bringing down an uppity Negro…

Shazam!! I’ve got a thought…

Mr. Intensity needs a quarterback, Vick needs a team. Vick could use a fairy godfather… like Singletary. Singletary could use a QB who’s capable of throwing for 250 and running for a 85 yards…on 7 or 8 carriers. Breaking defense’s back.

We know America isn’t ready for Obama and Powell, but I can only hope, cross my testicles that San Francisco would be ready for Singletary and Vick…

Great ideal…right? All that’s needed to bring this brilliant thought to life – 49ers ownership’s vision and guts. If the desire to win, fill the stands, sell #7 jerseys is greater than the national urge to penalize and castigate Vick for life, San Fran could once more find themselves a competitive franchise.

Since Vick’s self-inflected shot to the head, sports-fans have debated if he’ll ever lace on a pair of cleats again. The run-of-the-mill rednecks who populate the message boards on major sports websites are hoping Vick never plays – because he’s a sure-fire bet to re-define the Field General position – if he can find some continuity in a system where the coaching philosophy is not to transform him into Matt Schaub.

I’ve made this point a ga-zillion times; Vick, before the dog fighting fiasco, was, unarguably, the most polarizing figure in the NFL – because his talent, potential, abilities, walk, talk, and look scares the hell out of White guys. I can’t think of a simpler way to say it.

You may not dig this, but dig this; If San Fran was a good fit for Steve Young, -the last White guy who could have started at tailback for a NFL team – then Mike Vick should fit just as well.

Granted, Vick’s not the descendent of Brigham Young, the Mormon Church icon, instead Vick’s, according to Mormon doctrine, the descendent of the first murderer this world has ever seen, Caine, son of Adam and Eve.

Yes, that’s the belief in the Mormon Church, Blacks are the off springs of Caine because the Bible says – for this deed, the killer, and all his linage will be “marked by god”…. To make sure the world would, for eternity recognize Blacks as the heathens we are…..?

So being dipped in chocolate at birth is a punishment?

Damn, if the liberal and progressive folks who populate San Francisco can look above and beyond that biblical BS, accept Steve Young for the blood progeny of a man who fostered a religion which views a whole race in this light, and up until the late 70′s enforced racist rules which reflected such beliefs….

Whatever the hell this direct connection to what some call a cult makes Young, then hell, the city ought to be able to welcome, with open arms – a former dog fighter and gambler…..

That means the PETA nuts, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who place Bigfoot above people, who’re are rampant in the Bay area, protesting at fur shops, picketing at shoe stores, running around naked bemoaning the treatment of Bambi, Flipper, Snoopy, Yogi and Yeti, the abominable snow man….are going to have to have a little forgiveness in their hearts. Vick’s more than paid his dues for his stupidity; does he have to have his life ruined? Must he be marked, and branded for life…

I don’t believe God marked the Black man, nevertheless I do believe the majority of White guys have.

We, as Black men, are the enemy.

Colin Powell has just been designated the enemy because he won’t peddle and plug the Archie Bunker company line – he’s Republican. Senator Obama, a Democrat, is a terrorist, a socialist, a militant, an Islamic plant – the list goes on forever. Both are marked men in this country.

The everyday Black man is marked

I told my son years ago, when he was but a mancub – “unfortunately son, when you walk into a room, merely based on your skin color, a number of White folks, rich or poor, educated or ignorant…. are going to regarded as you as lazy, shiftless, dishonest, prone to violence and crime, not in control of our sexual desires, and not with a drop of intellectual curiosity in your body.

Ignore the trash on the road and keep going straight ahead…..”

This racist, elitist perspective is tragically widely held across the US – Alaska to Nebraska, Fargo to Key Largo, Frisco to Orlando….White America has a “could be, ya’ never know, you can’t put nothing past them” mentality when it comes to their estimation of Black people.

The 49er’s fan base and corporate sponsorship should be enlighten to the point, progressive enough – to move beyond Vicks image in certain sectors of society, and bring a QB on board who is a well rested game changer.

They’ve illustrated those characteristics in hiring Singletary, now do the same with Vick, give the 49ers something to fight with, a former All-Pro player who scares the defense — Mike Vick.