Straight No Chaser: Here We Go Again!!!

By Desi Cortez
Updated: October 30, 2008

DENVER — Steve Serby, seasoned veteran sports writer, New York Post may be one of the good ones….. Nonetheless his choice of words, employing the term tighten the noose around Plaxico’s Burres’s neck in one of his recent columns, is either a deliberate display of his arrogance or a naive .

“Good for Tom Coughlin. Good for Coughlin for tightening the noose around Plaxico Burress”

Pardon The Interruption’s Michael Wilbon defended these words and Serby’s back – chalked it up to ignorance, stupidity. I’m not so sure, but of course Wilbon knows Serby better than I do.

I’m merely an over feed, long-haired leaping nome, a starving wordsmith pounding my little thoughts out into big words…but my Spider senses tell me Serby no’s fool, he understands a volatile phase when he uses one.

Still, playing a part in this, as much as the historical use of the noose terminology – is the times we are a’livin’ in. Black and White relations are at a new low. Sure we can say Obama has formed a real rainbow coalition of Black and White, Cowboys and Redskins, rich and poor, urban and suburban, Methodist and Protestants, Raiders and Chiefs, but the opposition is a Block-headed Blockade of meatheads, pissed off and paranoid conservative White guys who’ve got a problem with ….everybody.

They don’t like nor trust anybody but ….. other rednecked White guys.

Serby’s usage of tighten the noose seems to. If nothing else, reflect he same perspective visible in politics, the same “I don’t give a damn if it strikes a nerve or offends millions of Black people”

I choose to use it. If not, it means a journalist, with his superior credentials is oblivious to American history….. So, i s Steve Serby a fool or an asshole?

No matter what Serby is, his bosses or the greater asses, because they let this go. Once agin, I can only speculate, unlike the chick in the Haunted House in Disneyland, I don’t have a crystal ball.

But I do have a brain, and I believe his editors are most likely John McCain supporters, who feel not using the term would be giving into the forces of political correctness.

Being civil and decent is considered weak and wimpish to these small penised insecure little men. Manners, decorum and diplomacy…saying you are wrong or sorry.., these are acts of civility the Republican Party (White Guys) seldom engage in, especially with people they deem themselves to be better than…which is…everybody.

Note how angry White dudes want to scream out Kill him and Terrorist, because they’ve no respect for the man, his accomplishments or titles…he’s just a nigger. Serby, nor his superiors didn’t feel the need, weren’t compelled to think twice before they insulted the low man on the totem pole.

These same cats who want to play hard ball…. they start crying when you tell them Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Dimaggio, Yogi and the rest, couldn’t have made the team if this nations pastimes weren’t rigged, i.e. segregated.

Hey, if we’re telling the truth, Bart Starr, Johnny U, and all the great White players of the 20′ thru the 70’s, most likly would have been benched or cut by high school if not college if segregation in sports and American society had not existed.

The same identical way boxing has been looking for a great White Hope since Jack Johnson stepped in a ring, the US’s major sports and the country club sports would’ve been doing likewise if they’d not fixed the games, eliminated obviously superior opposition and ensured their eternal enshrinement in the Hall of Fames…

But I can say this, Dan Patrick and the Skippy Bayless would go blinking nuts, Rush Limbaugh would inflate, more than he already has….If I were allowed to utter these truth’s on the tube.

It’s taboo to discuss how White guys really can’t compete for ball handling positions in the NFL outside of kicker, QB and tight end, they don’t have the skills or tools.

The NBA is off limits for little White boys, they don’t have the ability. And in baseball they flourish, because we, the Black player, walked off the diamond..

What happened? The games themselves have not changed in a century. Why do you think we have extreme badminton, extreme marbles, extreme kite-flying, extreme tether ball and extreme tiddly-winks…

Being passed of as sports, played by get this, athletes? Why, because these dudes can’t make the JV team, let-along varsity…so they’ve made up some crap, taken recreational after school endeavors, and transformed them into….sports.

Now, if I wrote for ESPN or FOX Sports, my editors would tell me these viewpoints were inappropriate if not


I believe, in the long run, White guys across this nation, from a vast array of walks of life are scared and intimidated by the presence and domination of Black men, in a number of areas, including sports and politics, and many, millions even, just feel a need to return this nation to the good ol days when women were barefoot and pregnant and Afro-Americans….were niggers.

EDITORS’ NOTE: On September 8th, the New York Post officially endorsed John McCain as their choice for President of the United States.