Straight No Chaser: A Two-Faced Mess

By Desi Cortez
Updated: October 14, 2008

DENVER — I’m not saying there are two vary different sets of rules for athletes in this country….but… there’s two different sets if rules for Black people and White people.

A noted and obvious discrepancy in the distribution of retribution. You can see it in every category of life you can conceive of – business, education, politics, personal relationships you name it….people are treated differently based on their skin tone.

The world of car racing is one where, those.athletes are subjected to different standards, different codes-of-conduct, than say athletes who play basketball or football.

Consider this; photographs of the scuffle between Carl Edwards and Kevin Harvick show a more physical confrontation than witnesses described, with Edwards at one point grabbing Harvick by the throat, and nobody gives a damn, It’s dismissed as just …..shenanigans, rough-housing.

These two, star’s of NASCAR argued during Thursday’s practice. Edwards confronted Harvick in his garage stall at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. The camera caught, like 21 of LA finest whipping Rodney King’s ass, the two drivers manhandling each other as their augment ignited.

In the five different frames, Edwards is caught choking Harvick and Harvick shoving him off him and onto the hood of Harvick’s car.

Witnesses contend the two argued, Harvick turned to walk away from Edwards, and Edwards grabbed his shoulder to turn him back around. Harvick responded by shoving Edwards onto the car, and crew members rushing in to separate the two.

Edwards allegedly was put in a headlock by a Harvick team member as the athletes were separated. “It’s pretty well-documented everything that happened,” Harvick said Friday.

“Best thing I can tell you is we were in our pit stall and just protected our turf.”

Both Edwards and Harvick were called before top NASCAR grand Pooh-Bahs to discuss their feud. No sponsors began to pull their decals off these guy’s aasses, or off their race cars chassis.

The toleration level is different when white guys fight, that simple. The NBA could not have the number of fistfights the NHL does, they’d ban the sport in America.

“NASCAR just wanted to make sure everything is cool, and they left here walking side-by-side together and talking,” spokesman Jim Hunter said. “We just wanted to hear them say `it’s over’ and they did.”

Ain’t that a bitch! Make sure everything was c-o-o-l? You gotta’ be kidding me?

Where’s the police report? The charges of assault? Choking!? That typically sounds like attempted murder to the ears of a street cop or local DA…. Where are the sports writers damning letters about a lack of civility in the pit area?

These two aren’t going to be suspended for behavior detrimental to NASCAR….?

This confrontation seems to be of the same cloth as Adam Jones’ latest confrontation in Dallas, where he got into it with one of his own private 4 man security detail, (put together to protect this idiot….from himself) got in a little tussle, scuffle, fracas, clash, quarrel…..pick one.

Hunter said the two drivers met with NASCAR president Mike Helton, vice president of competition Robin Pemberton and Sprint Cup Series director John Darby.

It was noted that the two raced each other without incident in Friday night’s Nationwide Series race, when Edwards finished fifth and Harvick sixth while running near each other for most of the event.

So if these two racers get a mild “talking to” – than Jones can’t get more than a week or two suspenion, not an end to his now mediocre career.

“When it comes right down to it, they are professionals,” Hunter said.

Oh really?

I’m consistently and constantly astounded by this type of BS. The duplicity practiced not just by the cops and DA, I expect that, that’s so historical it’s an American tradition, to “look the other way” when one of the Good ol’ boys break the law, but what’s so revealing about the American sports landscape, the fans and writers have two different standards for athletes.

Hockey players are permitted to go at it, it’s apart of the game. No, it’s not as it appears, two guys beating the hell out of each other, no, it’s not an assault on the ice, it’s just a part of the game. And apparently chocking another driver is …apart the sport, and I use that term sport with reluctance.

Our society accepts that.

Why is it this type of behavior isn’t viewed as an example of a childish, animalistic, juvenilish out-of-control young man with anger issues? Antics you surly don’t want displayed by role models….

Let me give you one of the endless examples which pop-up on a regular basis. Earlier this season it was Jacksonville Jaguar Matt Jones, the Blue-eyed soul singer who plays wide receiver, who was caught, white handed, coke under his fingernails, and last week he was rewarded with Drug court, not criminal court….

drug court, translation, he ain’t gonna do no time, period end of story.

There appears to be plenty of compassion and consideration and contemplation before damnation…for some. While there’s virtually none for others. I like Jones, I don’t want to see him behind bars, but nor did I want to see Vick behind bars, but America did. Coke versus Pit-bulls, what’s more detrimental to American culture?

Forget the laws which supposedly demand and dictate punishment, it’s the court of public opinion which comes down so hard on Black and Brown people. It’s that national sentiment which say’s, loudly….throw the book at the bum.

Teach that one a lesson!

Thieves on Wall Street, who steal million, for them – a slap on the wrist, Main Street thieves who steal a car or a flat-screen – 5 years in jail. Banks and Mortgage lenders who hoodwink and deceive folks in search of the American Dream…. A reprimand. The lady who defaults on her bend-me-over-backwards home-loan….. foreclosure, Bankruptcy, if you fit the newly corporate designed guild lines to go broke.

Barry Bonds goes by one rule, Mark McGuire…another. Senator McCain, and Governor Gidget – one set of low-standards. Senator Barrack Obama, another set of high standards that not even his Ivy League – head-of-the-class education can meet, but McCain’s last-in-his military academy class and Palin’s community college GED….. surpass the constitutional professor credentials.

George W.; with the blood of thousands of US GI’s on his hands, hundreds of thousands of Arabs dead because of his little war, and millions of dollars stolen in part because of this presidents ability to sell the war….

They’ll be constructing a library for this moron, who can’t even read. O.J., who maybe killed two people, according to a civil court, not the higher criminal court, O.J. who stole back his own stuff….behind bars for life.

Something just does not smell right….