Powerless BW100

Updated: October 3, 2008

POWER less BW100


One more year


changed in the

world of POWER

in American Sports

Business Week Magazine annually publishes the definite list of the 100 most influential Americans in the BUSINESS of Sports. Business Week just did again for 2008. Each year that NOTHING improves for African Americans the WORSE it is. How Bad is it. It’s BAD BAD.

There are exactly SIX African Americans among the 100. Please DISCOUNT the “fact” Tiger Woods is #1 in fact feel even more Discouraged because he is since it means NOTHING whatsoever for African Americans. In fact with Tiger White America gets it both ways touting the “fact” an African American is #1 on the list relieving them of all their GUILT when at the same time the LAST way Tiger views himself is as an AFRICAN American and Woods would never lift one of his priceless fingers to assist other AFRICAN Americans in Sports.

Now it’s time to FORGET about Tiger

we’ve already WASTED enough ink

And because it’s far worse than anything Tiger might bring to the List. While real POWER in Sports resides OFF the playing field FOUR of the 6 African Americans included on the List as among the most important individuals in Sports FOUR of 6 are active players. Besides Tiger, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Serena Williams. The usual suspects who have no real POWER except while playing their game. And the 5th is the other “all purpose” African American who ought to be but is not Tiger’s father the one and only Robert Johnson. And the 6th who else the other perennial Michael Jordan. BW has trouble explaining what Power he has ??

That’s it Sports Fans

So let the Box interpret the situation. AFRICAN AMERICANS HAVE NO POWER IN SPORTS. Who has Power. Robert Goodell has Power Power. David Stern has Power. Dick Ebersol has Power. Phil Knight has Power. Bud Selig has Power. Brian France has Power. Sean McManus has Power. David Hill has Power. Myles Brand has Power. Donald Fehr has Power.

The List goes on and on over 80% are White Guys who are not and never have been professional athletes. They are the presidents of important broadcast networks. They are leaders of major Sports businesses. They are the owners of the most influential Sports franchises. They are big time player agents. They are high level Sports financiers. They are ALL White.

It was that way on last year’s list

and every year before and it will be

the SAME next year and the year

after that it will be the SAME in

2018 cause some things

NEVER Change ….