Part 3 Ernie Davis Messenger

Updated: October 5, 2008



All the early reviews

are universally good

Universal is pumping

lots of ad dollars into

The Express and it

finally opens


From the first scene where 10 year old Ernie Davis displays his speed and courage in an encounter with some young punks he captures your attention. Then keeps it through the very last scene. So OK The Express will do well in theatrical release even better on DVD ( especially if released for Christmas selling ). But the potential is Greater.

This movie tells the Ernie Davis story with a passion that opens the door to redefine Ernie Davis and the power of Sports as no other movie ever has. In so doing turning Davis into a Messenger for the 21st century. As is often the case we live in a world without heroes or role models. At least not on a large scale even if there are many unsung heroes.

Fact is there is no athlete today Black or White who qualifies as someone truly Special outside their Sport. Michael Phelps proves that point fully. He is hailed correction HYPED as a hero. Why because he swims very well. That may make him a great swimmer certainly not a Hero or Role Model. Of course that is the impression his handlers and sponsors want us to get so he can be even more productive as a SELLING machine. But it is so so Superficial.

Any comparison between Phelps nd Ernie Davis would be a BAD joke. As for Davis the closest comparison as a Mythic Figure is the obvious choice Jackie Robinson. But Robinson’s whose impact was and will always be greater is not as much the Tragic Hero Davis is.

In addition although there have been a handful of movies about Robinson’s live one starring him, none of them come close to rising to the impact of The Express. Also working in Davis’ favor as a Messenger for the 21st century Robinson has been so widely and for so long in that role that he no longer has the same impact any more for new generations.

Davis’ story covers much of the same territory as Robinson’s life. But with more poignancy and with an energy with Football as Davis’ vehicle that cannot be duplicated in the more genteel and less violent Sport of Baseball. Ernie Davis is involved in real COMBAT every time he stepped on the Gridiron. While Robinson was abused both physically and emotionally, Football intensifies the Struggle of a Black Man fighting for equality and fairness in a White World. And while Robinson died before his time not as Tragically or as young as Davis.

So here is the Point

The Express will reach its true potential if it does NOT in theatricals release NOT in its consumer DVD version. The Express will have an impact that NO other movie has if it is released in a special classroom edition various educational versions that turns this movie into a POWERFUL teaching tool that amazingly can function in the lowest grammar school grades through college level courses each version formatted for that student audience.

Taught in a classroom setting with appropriate teaching aides, segmented for showing episode by episode The Express can be a uniquely impressive learning experience for Black and White kids in very different ways. It can motivate African American boys and girls too in ways no other educational experience might to be undaunted. To win in both Sports and School.

For White Kids this film as a learning experience will sear them with lessons about the reality of America for African Americans with an intensity they will not experience elsewhere. See the world through the eyes of a talented young Black Man growing up in America in ways that other films will not hold their attention or relate with the same identification.

In The Express

Entertainment and

Learning merge together

in one exciting synergistic

explosive mixture of the

reality of our American

experience bringing to

new life Ernie Davis like no one on the Silver Screen

Messenger for 21st century

for ALL Americans