O Happy Day Glorious Night

Updated: October 14, 2008


Admit it WHY would you

ever deny it Sports is as

much about rooting

AGAINST teams as

FOR other teams

the THRILL of


With all that weight Cleveland’s African American head coach Romeo Crennelis carrying around on the Sidelineslucky he survived the UPSET by his Browns over the SuperBowl CHAMPIONS and previously UNdefeated New Jersey Giants. Did we say Upset ?? Sorry how about HUMILIATION of the Jersey Giantsby Cleveland.

It is so much fun rooting

AGAINST the Champions

even better if they’re from

New Jersey but LIE and name

themselves New Yorkers

OUCH. It was brutal. Will the real Giants stand up. There has always been a lingering doubt the Giants won the SuperBowl on a Hail Mary Catch and WERE 4-0 before Monday night, may not be quite as good as they seem. They are probably not as BAD as Monday night losing to the Browns 35 -14. New Jersey shut out every Quarter except the Second. It was a night to remember in Cleveland. Their QuarterbackEli Manningthe Always Stupid Look on his face who look like he is always in a Pot Haze was Clueless.

O Romeo O Romeo where art though ?? In Football HEAVEN at the moment. That’s why we feared for his health on the Sidelines. It seemed possible his body might have joined him there with all the excitement plus the WEIGHT more than his Heavy Heart ( like the rest of him ) could bear. The Boxis isolating on Crennel ignoring all the outstanding Cleveland players who contributed to the ROUTbecause Romeo deserves it.

Romeo this is your Box


Monday night really doesn’t change anything and God knows when the AFC Browns won’t play the NFC Giants again maybe in Beijing or Jakarta or Abudabe until a decade from now. The Giants are still atop the NFC East 4-1 and the Browns mired in the middle of the AFC North 2-3 but now with some hope at the end of their Stadium Tunnel.

Next week New Jersey “should” have a Laughter against San Francisco. While the Browns and RedSkins face one of those must win games battling each other in DC. The momentum goes big time to Cleveland PUMPED thinking they can beat anyone while Washington is coming off a demoralizing loss against previously winLESS St. Louis 19-17.

All of this Side Bar is our way of wrapping Romeo Crennel in the Glory he deserves for a day or two RELIEVED Cleveland did not LOSE as expected and drop to 1-4. Crennel would have faced the inevitable African AmericanCURSE from the largely White Fan Base blaming him not only for the losses but everything wrong in their lives.

So what did Romeo have to say for himself

“We still have a lot of work to do,” Crennel said during his news conference. “The season is still a long season and just because we won one game it doesn’t put us in the playoffs. We’re not even .500.”

Let’s de-construct that seemingly simple statement. It’s a mark of Genius. In a very few words he sends a message to the team so that they keep the Victory in perspective ” we have a lot of work to do.” Then he says something that conveys both a positive and negative message to team and fans ” the season is still a long season. ” Meaning this was only week 6 of a 16 week regular season. 11 more games to go !

Then BRILLIANTLY Romeo steps right in with a two part statement that is both reason for caution and elation ” ” just because we won one game it does not put us in the playoffs.” Conveying the ideas yes we won a BIG ONE but it was only ONE game. At the same time YES I can see us in the Playoffs IF we continue to play at this level.

Then again displaying the mind of a master he closes with a final image that wraps it all together ” we’re not even .500.” In other words we are below .500 but we beat the BEST but but but IF we stay BELOW .500 we are going NO where.

Romeo Crennel as a Wordsmith may be right up there with the Great One himself who “invented” the name Romeo bears The Bard William Shakespeare. Monday night if you were Smart and you are remember the definition of Box Fans – you would have constantly switched between the Browns-Giants and Baseball League Championship Phillies – Los Angeles. Something Crennel could not do.

You experienced the POWER of Sports. With so much on the line for 4 teams how intense it all gets. How we as fans are transported out of our world into theirs. And most of all in the Giants-Browns game most of all how rooting AGAINST a team the Giants is every bit as rewarding as rooting for someone.

And in this NFL classic wasn’t it even more theatre to see little emaciated always scowling mad White Tom Coughlinon one Sidelineand across the Field his exact opposite HUGE over-fed animated excited African American Romeo Crennel.

So while over in Jersey

among the rats crawling

all over the Meadowlands

the Giants lick their wounds

out in Cleveland on the shores

of Lake Erie Romeo Crennel

and his Boys of Autumn

DREAM of even better days

to come Sunday after

Sunday after Sunday


hold the butter.

Romeo Crennel ” WHO SAYS I’M FAT GIANTS ”