New Series President Obama and Sports In America

Updated: October 11, 2008


In case NO one told you

the Presidential Election

ENDED 2-3 weeks ago

we could save lots of $$

even more BS canceling

the next three weeks


So with President-elect Barack Obama on his way to The WHITE House ( too bad he would never ever paint it BLACK ) the Box at the leading edge of Sports in America is beginning a new either 4 or 8 year periodic series examining Sports in America from the perspective of an AFRICAN American United States President. Not necessarily what it will be but what it should be can be if President Obama does not ignore his BASE. Today as in BASEball.

YES the rarity of Black Umpires in Major League Baseball is a Black Box favorite. NOW we have a NEW refreshing way of looking at the lack of AFRICAN American Umpires in Major League Baseball from the perspective of “what should President Obama do.”

So here is the Story

President Obama is a self -professed Baseball Fan and even if he were not attending an MLB League Championship Game and/or World Series would enhance his image displaying a common passion with his fellow citizens. Now here is The Thing.

Since there are only THREE African American MLB Umpires and even one of them appears to have “provisional” status – is it VERY unlikely President Obama is going to see any African American Umpires among the 12 League Championship Umpires – unless Bud Selig knows well in advance than of course he will “plant” a Black Umpire in that series – just as there are none this year. Is President Obama going to make note of the situation to ….

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig

the media or members of Congress

how about the American People


Obama intends to be our Color BLIND President. Which means he is likely to do virtually nothing for African Americans except be a symbol that Black Americans can use to their advantage if they can. Since nothing is going to Change that is very unlikely.

Now look at the Alternative

ALL PRESIDENT OBAMA would have to do is whisper in Bud Selig’s ear .. ” What’s going on Bud how come only SEVEN African Americans have ever been MLB Umpires and why are there just 3 among 69 today. Can’t we do better. Can’t you be fairer.”

With the unstated THREAT of possible Presidential Criticism within hours Bud Selig would be announcing new initiatives GUARANTEED to have a minimum of 12 African American Umpires in the Major Leagues within 2-3 years or less. Without a specific program to increase the number of BLack MLB Umpires we will NOT see TWELVE African American Major League Umpires any time during the entire 21st century. Probably not even 6.

What’s the Problem ???

GUARANTEED President Obama will go out of his way to make America better and fairer for WOMEN, for the ELDERLY, for CHILDREN, for REFUGEES, for the POOR, for the DISABLED, for CHINESE dissidents, for AFGHANIS .. why does everyone expect the ONLY group in America he will go out of his way NOT to favor, not to seek justice for, is the most discriminated against group still today his OWN African American community.

IF we had our first WOMAN President everyone would expect her to be the Champion for WOMEN in America. If we had the first JEWISH President everyone would expect him to assist Israel and Jews. Of course. Likewise the first ITALIAN President …… on and on and we would expect and most Americans would applaud a President taking care of HIS or HER own especially in cases of DISCRIMINATION with ONLY one exception an AFRICAN American President. THAT IS HOW BAD RACISM IN AMERICA IS ! It’s Insidious.

As just our first example because the MLB Championship Series are underway, the idea that President Obama should even privately criticize the outrageous discrimination against African Americans by Major League Baseball, just the idea would be considered a JOKE by Obama and his inner circle. Count on Obama and his Team adopting the “Tiger Woods Strategy” and go out of his way NOT to identify with his African American community except for the symbolism of course like leading the annual Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration.

Well Sports Fans if we’re

correct here in the Box

we almost always are

that’s not LEADERSHIP

President Obama that

will only makes it

WORSE if White

Americans sees a

BLACK President

who does nothing for

AFRICAN Americans

except provide empty


we’ll soon see