Never Call Them The Black Sox

Updated: October 12, 2008


The ONLY question

IF there is one is

CoCo Crisp Latin or

is he African American

there are NO such

Questions about

anyone else on

Boston’s Red Sox

The team that may or may NOT be on its way back to the World Series. Boston is right up there with the least African American friendly MLB teams and unlike some others it is ALWAYS in that category. Barry Bonds among other things is famously known for having said he would never play in Boston. That it is “unfriendly” to African American players.

Granted Bonds now would probably JUMP at the chance to play for the Red Sox. But that is another story. Don’t “worry” Barry. The New England Patriots are more likely to offer you a position on their roster. At least you won’t be alone there.

No Boston has a “rich” (sic) tradition to uphold when it comes to the Red Sox. All those members of the Boston Elite sitting in the VERY expensive seats the ones you see watching games at Fenway. Where you never see any African Americans among The Boston Brahman Hypocrites as they are known in the Back Alleys. AND YOU CAN BET ON THE FACT MOST OF THEM ARE SUPPORTING OBAMA. In the Liberal Heartland of Boston, Mass. They like African Americans just NOT in Fenway Park or most of Boston. It’s EASY to be a Hypocrite in America !

As everyone should know because it is important history the Boston Red Sox, not some team further South or West more often accused of Racism, no it was the Boston Red Sox who became the very last Major League team to integrate not until 12 years after Jackie Robinson did so with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

By 1959 when Pumpsie Green became the first AFRICAN American ever to put on a Red Sox uniform and play in legendary Fenway Park, many of the other teams had African American players fully integrated into their rosters. African American players like Willie Mays among others were setting new standards for performance in the Majors.

Yet it was not until July 21, 1959, that Elijah “Pumpsie” Green inauspiciously was sent in as a pinch runner for Boston playing not in Fenway but far away in Chicago’s Comisky Park – not until then did the Major League’s FINAL hold out finally begin to Integrate.

For the full Sleazy story of the Boston Red Sox and African Americans read Howard Bryant’s 2002 classic still as fresh as it was 6 years ago ” Shut Out.” That’s if you can find a copy. Even on Amazon new copies are getting $75.

It has become a collector’s item. And as Bryant details the Red Sox would have been the team to sign both Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays as he presents in his book. That is IF they had wanted to which the team, their owner and fans did not.

More recently and following Pumpsie Green some few notable African American players have passed through Boston more often than not with bad memories including Reggie Smith, Jim Rice, Ellis Burks and Mo Vaughn but right now the Red Sox seeking another Championship have one African American player or not at all in CoCo Crisp.

So have NO doubt at all

Boston, Mass. will vote

HEAVILY for Obama

for President but is it

good enough reason

to be rooting for the

Racially challenged

Boston Red Sox

when Tampa Bay’s Rays

have exciting African

American players on it

its American League

Championship Series

2008 Post-Season Roster

think about it then decide

Red and Black Socks MIS-MATCHED-SOX