Larry Fitzgerald Lets His Hair Down

Updated: October 13, 2008


For those of you who

remember or knew

Young Larry once

was a Role Model

Back at the University of Pittsburgh and at the Heisman Awards in New York City Larry was the picture of the “conservative” African American student athlete in appearance with his very short hair and his deferential manner. NO MORE ..

Larry Fitzgerald has gone WILD in Arizona playing Wide Receiver for the Cardinals. Larry has gotten his MoJo in the Pros. Nobody keeps records ( that we know of ) but Fitzgerald has plenty of hair reaching out of his helmet and down his back. If he does not have the longest Dreads yet well this season is far from over.

As for his demeanor formerly quiet reserved Larry Fitzgerald never one to bring extra attention to himself at Pittsburgh as many big plays as he made. Well that was then and now is now. Larry just might be looking to capture the NFL Academy Award for “best” performance by an NFL player successful play after play.


If you are watching their games just look for the Arizona Cardinal with the wildest facial gestures, the most “dance” steps and gymnastic moves not only when he makes a great play Larry pours it on for his buddies as well. No one will ever confuse Larry with Cardinals Quarterback Kurt Warner even if you’re sitting in the nose bleed seats.

Larry is probably not going to win any awards from Jim Brown who is more than critical of African American NFL players theatrics. Possibly the same for long Dreads. It is unlikely Larry cares. Larry has found FREEDOM for his Inner Larry in the Pros which may be the same as FREEDOM from Larry Fitzgerald Sr. who dominated, spoke for and even had Larry Jr.’s emails directed to him before Larry hit the Big Time in Arizona.

In his third season in the NFL Heisman runner-up Larry Fitzgerald has emerged as one of the best Receivers in the NFL already as witnessed by his performance in Sunday’s OT win by Arizona over Dallas as desperately as the Officials tried to give the game to Dallas presumably because they actually believe the Cowboys are America’s Team.

Fitzgerald received grudging praise

from the “enemy” Dallas

Morning News …

” Fitzgerald finished with five catches for 79 yards and one touchdown. Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner wasn’t afraid to throw the ball to him in tight coverage or when getting hit.”

Much more to the Point

is Sports Illustrated

on Sunday’s game

” You have to start, of course, with Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald didn’t have amazing numbers with five receptions for 79 yards and a touchdown, but the numbers don’t tell the whole story. Almost all of his catches were of the spectacular variety against double coverage and it is about time people realize Fitzgerald’s body control and ball skills are second to none. Only Randy Moss, among active players, can compare to Fitzgerald’s Lynn Swann-esque ability to make plays on the ball in the air, in traffic.”

And this from an Arizona paper

coming out of Phoenix in

praise of Fitzgerald

“Larry Fitzgerald hauled in five catches for 79 yards and a touchdown in Sunday’s win. On the opening play of the fourth quarter, Fitzgerald was in double coverage when he elevated above the defensive backs in signature fashion and brought down a jump ball that would eventually lead to a Steve Breaston touchdown.

“You have to trust Larry to do that,” coach Ken Whisenhunt said. Kurt Warner didn’t seem surprised by the play. “It’s hard to say that you can expect that from him, but I have come to,” Warner said. Fitzgerald’s touchdown reception was his 39th since being drafted by the Cardinals in 2004. It moved him past Bobby Joe Conrad to fifth on the franchise’s all-time list. If Fitzgerald keeps up his current pace for the rest of the season, he will move up to third on that list.”

If Fitzgerald keeps up the pace

for the next decade or so he

will be one of the BEST

NFL Receivers ever

how long his hair

will be is another