John McCain’s Passion

Updated: October 19, 2008




For those of you who

worry about such Things

( but why would you )

John McCain has a future

in Sports reforming Boxing

from his seat in the Senate

McCain may be a LOSER to most African Americans ( and the majority of voters ) but he still may be able to do some good for Black Americans in his Old Age turning his attention to a more realistic goal than being elected President. Reforming Boxing.

Of course if you live in a Padded Cell or are Delusional but not hospitalized or worse you are Sarah Palin you may think John McCain will reform Boxing as President. Here in the Real World in the Box we occasionally display sympathy for Losers like John McCain and decided to make him feel better offering Faint Praise.

So after searching for months for something good to say about John McCain even more difficult that has to do with Sports our search has paid off. It turns out John McCain is a long time advocate for a national body to regulate and supervise the Sport of Boxing born of his love of the Sport cultivated as a Midshipman Boxer at the Naval Academy long before most Americans were born, in the early days of Boxing.

Not that McCain does not have other Passions

Right now as hopeless as his Chances against Obama he is indulging most recently his passion to try and convince Americans that Obama is “dangerous” that he wants to take from the rich and give to the poor. That at heart Barack Obama is Robin Hood.

Somebody should tell McCain he has nothing to worry about the last thing Barack Obama may be is Robin Hood. Barack is a wealthy African American who come out of the most elite colleges and travels and socialized with the wealthiest and most powerful White Americans especially the many who are Democrat Elites. Barack could not even get away with playing Robin Hood on Halloween let alone in The WHITE House.

Although before reading today’s Box you can understand McCain’s concern. Could you imagine a President of the United States who might not have approved giving $700 Billion FREE tax dollars to the wealthiest and most powerful Americans who “lead” America’s biggest banks and Wall Street firms. Combined with Billions more in the fine print in new tax breaks for the richest among us. Yes John America can’t afford a President who would not support ” taking from the poor and giving to the rich.”

Don’t worry Barack is ALL for this

new welfare program for the Rich

Barack is a member of the Club

isn’t it time for a Black member

don’t ever forget be confident

Barack LOVES the Rich

not quite as much but almost

as much as you do McCain

which allows us to turn our

attention back to Boxing

John Mc Cain’s Passion

We’ll turn to one of our reliable sources a favorite among BASN executives who are supplied The Wall Street Journal, to fill you in on McCain and Boxing ….

“Sen. John McCain may not ask for congressional earmarks, but he does have a pet project that he’s pushed surprisingly hard for over the years: creating a federal agency to regulate boxing. Sen. McCain was a pugilist during his days as a Navy midshipman and remains an avid fan, sometimes taking in a bout when visiting casinos on gambling jaunts. He has advocated increased regulation of the sport since the mid-1990s to counter what he says are lax health and safety standards, and corrupt promoters. In recent years, he’s lobbied aggressively for creation of a U.S. Boxing Commission within the Department of Commerce to govern the sport.”

” Sen. McCain says he is “dismayed by the lack of integrity” in the sport. Boxers “are the poorest and least educated among us, and the most exploited athletes in our nation,” he said in a recent statement. In a 2004 article in Stanford Law and Policy Review, Sen. McCain wrote that “professional boxing has reached the precipice of irrelevance and that federal uniform standards may be the only way to preserve the sport for the enjoyment of future generations.”

” The new boxing agency Senator McCain envisions would issue licenses to boxers, promoters and judges, and would approve fights of 10 rounds or more—not just high-profile championship bouts, but those in local gyms and hotel ballrooms. The federal boxing commission would cost taxpayers $7 million a year, according to the Congressional Budget Office.”

” With a few exceptions, boxing promoters, leaders of its powerful sanctioning organizations and members of the 44 state-run athletic commissions are almost universally opposed to federal oversight. They say the state bodies are already doing their best to protect boxers, for example by doing away with thumbs on gloves to prevent eye injuries and using four ropes instead of three to keep fighters from falling out of the ring. “All of the commissions, working together, for the benefit of the sport, can do a much better job than a group of politicians,” said Larry Hazzard, an executive with the International Boxing Federation who has been a referee.”

” His idea nearly became law in 2005, when the Senate approved the bill, but it was defeated in the House in part because of opposition from the delegation of New Jersey—home to high-profile bouts in Atlantic City. Sen. McCain re-introduced the legislation last year. He doesn’t bring it up on the campaign trail, given the much weightier national issues being debated, but Mr. Bounds said he continues to support the idea.”

So in just a few weeks from now

McCain will stop WASTING

his time and our time seeking

the Presidency and he can use

his time back in the Senate

reforming Boxing for

African Americans

and everyone as

he waits to attend

Barack Obama’s


Barack Obama