A Slice Nightmare

By Tom Donelson
Updated: October 6, 2008

IOWA CITY — Kimbo Slice walked into the ring as the main event star and one of the main reasons that CBS decided to put Elite XC on prime time Saturday nights.

He was scheduled to fight MMA legend Ken Shamrock, but an eye injury ended Shamrock night before it even begin and Seth Petruzelli took his place. The original goal was for Slice to beat the living legend and add a brand name to his resume but instead, he faced the unknown.

As for Seth Petruzelli, he was given a chance to win the lottery as one ringside announcer noted. Slice moved forward and Petruzelli shot a front kick followed by a left jab that came up short.

Slice took one more step before being nailed by a second front kick followed in quick order, a jab that nailed him straight. Confused and dazed, Slice hit the ground and Petruzelli jumped on Slice; unleashing five blows before referee stopped the fight.

All of this occurred in 14 seconds and suddenly, Petruzelli became the new star as he defeated the legend that was Slice. In just his fourth fight, Slice did not even survive the first 20 seconds of his main event bout.

Slice’s weakness were exposed as his more raw style ran into a buzzsaw let loose by a superior technician.He’s still a work in progress and has already shown that there is potential for the former YouTube brawler but on this night, Petruzelli cashed his lottery ticket.


Kelly Kobold is a tough Minnesotan who was facing the female face of MMA, Gina Carana, one of those fighters with abundance of technical skills. Kobold’s strategy was simple — wrestle Carana and use her strength to bully the more skilled Carana.

In the first round, Carana used her skills when they both stayed in middle of the ring but Kobold did manage to get Carana to the cage. The second round was the most competitive as Kobold bullied Carana to the cage and she found herself with her back to the cage and forced to counter an aggressive Kobold.

One of the judges even gave Kobold the round but in the third, Carana took control. With a barrage of punches to the head and round house kicks to the body, Carana blooded Kobold and when she did trap Carana on the cage, Carana countered with a guillotine move that nearly choked Kobold out.

Kobold found herself in the final minute fighting for survival and barely made it to the final bell. She proved to be a tough competitor but in the third round, Carana’s technical skills proved decisive.

In other bouts Andrei Arlovski defeated former International Fight League star Roy “Big Country” Nelson with a second round submission and Benji Radach knocked out Brazilian Murilo Rua.

CBS produced drama and in 14 seconds, the unexpected happened as an unknown underdog changed the MMA world by upsetting Kimbo Slice. For Elite XC, they saw the fall of one star but maybe the rise of another.

The big question is what will happen with Slice. Fighters do lose fights and now we will see how Slice adjusts.

As for Carana, she silenced the critic who questioned her interest in the sport. With interests outside the sport, Gina Carana has showed up overweight for past events but on this night against Kobold, she came in the right weight and showed MMA audience that she is more than a pretty face; she is the real thing when it comes to fighting.