A Missed Opportunity

By Gary Norris Gray
Updated: October 25, 2008

COLLUSION: A secret agreement or fraudulent or illegal purpose; a conspiracy

CALIFORNIA – Barry Lamar Bonds has been a free agent and can still sign with any team in the major leagues. Apparently Bonds’ agent has given up trying to get the player signed with any team.

What fun it would be fun to see Bonds at the plate again, especially at his age. He has lost weight and for two years the knees have been rested. Physically, Bonds can play for any team. Barry Lamar Bonds knows now how to be a team player.

Separation from the game often accomplishes that.

It is a shame that the American Baseball fan will miss those gargantuan Barry Bonds home runs. Steroids, or no steroids, for the past 14 years they were fun to watch. Bonds has become the poster boy for Major League Baseball and the fight against steroids.

It will be a disgrace until MLB truly addresses this professional sports problem.

Was there a collective conspiracy by Major League Baseball to keep Barry Lamar Bonds out of baseball this year? Did the owners have a ‘silent code’ of collusion in 2008?Yes, MLB does not want Willie Mays’s godson to ever don another baseball uniform.

Eventually, facts that baseball never addressed will be exposed.

When the steroid and drug problem was brought to the attention of owners and commissioner in the middle 1980s collusion was evident. All they wanted to do was to keep baseballs flying out of stadiums all over the country.

Heaping praises to Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire all year long.

Obviously Major League Baseball must have forgotten about the past collusion legal battle and how much they (owners) collectively had to pay the players union.

Also the court stated that if MLB repeated this offense and was found guilty they would have to pay triple. The owners should reserve a get a cab ride to their local banks because they are going to be defeated again.

Are the owners so arrogant that they think they could perform a similar act and get away with it? Major League Baseball Players Association filed a grievance a few weeks ago on behalf of Barry Lamar Bonds.

The grievance will be deferred until Bonds’ Federal Court case is finished.

Did the Commissioner of Major League Baseball sanction and sign off on this league action? If so why would the commissioner condone such actions?

Here’s an idea let Barry Lamar Bonds play in New York Yankees pinstripes. What a way to open new Yankee Stadium. The first home run king of baseball, George Herman “Babe” Ruth would welcome the current home run king, Barry Lamar Bonds.

Ruth saved baseball the first time, hitting a whopping 60 home runs in 1927 — a record that stood for decades. What a way to open new Yankee Stadium with No. 25 swatting home runs into the right field pavilion.

The Yankees have many lineup holes to fill the next baseball season. Boston, Tampa Bay, and Toronto have made vast improvements to their teams and have now made the AL East the toughest division in baseball.

With Barry Lamar Bonds, it would seem like old times and it woukld give another opportunity for the Yankees to stay in the AL East division race the whole season.

Watching Barry Lamar Bonds, in the middle of the lineup, batting between Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez would be fun. How would any pitcher pitch around those three players?

Yankees fans would flock to the Bronx just to see the new big Yankee three.

Think of the history.

Yankee Stadium was home of the first African American catcher in the American League — Elston Howard. It was home of one of the great beloved African American outfielders — Roy White, who played on some of the worst Yankee teams in team history.

Yankee Stadium is where the pinstripe tradition continues with All Star shortstop and African American team captain, Derek Jeter.What a way to start new history with the new Yankee Stadium and the conclusion of Barry Lamar Bonds baseball career.

This is the perfect case for the Designated Hitter.

It was designed for Barry Lamar Bonds. This would be the model for this 30-year old American League rule. The DH has extended many players careers and Bonds could enjoy these 2009 excursions to the Bronx. I

If Bonds played DH for two years in New York City with 25 home runs per year he would surpass 800 home runs. He would collect many more records if he played two more years in Yankee Stadium. Currently, Bonds has 2,227 runs scored, 2,935 hits, 1,996 RBI and 762 home runs.

Bonds playing two more years would put most baseball records beyond the reach for any present player including new baseball’s darling, A-Rod. MLB does not want this to happen because Barry would then be permanently in Major League Baseball’s record books.

This fact would turn the stomachs of many baseball purests.

What team would not want a player with one of the greatest on base percentage, 444? Bonds could still hit 10-25 home runs, receive 40 walks and 40 more intentional walks, and score 60 or more runs.

Pitchers fear Barry, knowing the baseball could leave the ballpark with one swing. This is something the current New York Yankee lineup presently lacks at this time. Barry Bonds just celebrated his 44th birthday and can still play ball.

Major League Baseball is reluctant to move this great sport forward. Unlike the NFL, NBA, and NHL, MLB keeps sliding this sport into oblivion with secret backdoor deals and agreements they cannot keep legally.

Secret deals that become public and embarrassed the national sport.

MLB wants to put the steroid era behind them; and this includes not hiring All-Star outfielder Barry Lamar Bonds. However, he’s still the lightning rod on the issue of steroids and many teams do not want to bear the brunt of answering questions after each game.

This would distract and destroy any team chemistry. This could be the reason why the San Francisco Giants released the All Star and home run king. This also could be the reason why the Tampa Bay Rays did not hire Bonds in their pennant and World Series chase.

It would be nice to see No. 25 standing at the plate on opening day at the new Yankee Stadium. Then again it could only be a dream and we will never see Barry Lamar Bonds come to home plate again because of collusion.