64 Minus 42 Equals 22 Simple Math For The NFL

Updated: October 6, 2008



How significant it becomes

remains to be seen but

progress is progress

to an extent but

maybe NOT

Beyond so

read on

In the NFL this season there is an historically high 22 African American Coordinators. If we need to explain each of the 32 NFL teams each have two positions that ostensibly are just below the Head Coach the Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator.

Besides being good jobs in themselves highly sought after. The even larger issue in theory is in fact many Coordinators go on to become Head Coaches in the NFL. Also Head Coaches in some major NCAA colleges. While NO guarantee it is statistically and logically true.

So we have two reasons for CAUTIOUS optimism here. One is that the trend is to more African American Coordinators. Today it is 22 it is “conceivable” that this could lead over the next few years to “parity.” At least one of two Coordinators on every NFL team being Black. In other words 32 White and 32 Black Coordinators. Rather than every single team having a Black Coordinator some might actually have two and others none. Just as many teams now still have two Whites Coordinators. One way or another 32 might be a realistic goal.

And guess what there is

the law of expectations

that comes into play

The more the 70% or so of African American players in the NFL are increasingly seeing that their Offensive or Defensive Coordinator is a fellow African American the more Black players who will see to themselves HEY that’s s good career move for me a goal once my playing days are over. It is now a very realistic goal while head coach still is not.

YES there are now

an historic high


African American

NFL Head Coach

but as they say

in math class

6 is far LESS

than is 22

Which brings us to the BIG issue. YES again there will be a partial correlation between the number of African American Coordinators in the NFL and the number of Black Head Coaches in the Future. NO we are NOT going to see 22 African American Head Coaches in the NFL in your life time nor in the lifetime of your great great great great grandchildren.

But more than 6 seems like a REAL possibility unless there really is a White Conspiracy controlling Sports. Assuming there isn’t any more ???? We’d like to think that 6 could become 12 within 10 years by 2018. Here is the Problem. Once we actually say it write it TWELVE Black Head Coaches in the NFL. It seems FAR fetched it will happen. And it is !

Here is where we are going

to get theoretical in the Box

but our readers can handle it

you know how Smart you are

The very “concept” of numbers without any further “facts” identified can all by itself prove that a “system” in this case the NFL remains biased if you prefer we not say RACIST. There is logical, statistical and historical trend data and reason to believe that with 22 African American Coordinators in the NFL today and 6 Black NFL Head Coaches …..

…… both numbers a MAJOR improvement over just 10 years ago that let’s say 10 years or so from now we should expect to see let’s say TWELVE Black Head Coaches in the NFL or if you prefer percentages 6 of 32 is just below 20 % or 1 of 5. Of course 12 of 32 would be just under 40% or 2 of 5 NFL Head Coaches Black. It makes lots of “sense.” EXCEPT IT WON’T HAPPEN. Standing here in 2008 and contemplating the possibility African Americans in 2018 will be approached being half of the Head Coaches in the NFL. NO way.

There is an exact comparison that can be made with Black Quarterbacks. There are a FEW African American Starting Quarterbacks and that has become a consistent few season after season. But still there is NO reason to believe those numbers will EVER become equal to the % of African Americans at most other positions on the Gridiron.

In other words whether it is TWELVE Starting African American Quarterbacks in the NFL or TWELVE African American Head Coaches in the NFL ( let alone half or 16 in either position being Black ) is s PREPOSTEROUS idea. You don’t believe it’s going to happen. None of us believe it is gong to happen even less TWELVE Starting Quarterbacks AND TWELVE Head Coaches at the same time !!!! NO way. NOT before the year 3000.

So what is the problem when based on logic and the “progress” to date such numbers projected into the future seems to make “perfect sense.” Well now we will call it what it is INSIDIOUS “INVISIBLE” RACISM. Call it the Black Ceiling if you will. As long as power and ownership in the NFL ( and everywhere else ) resides in a completely WHITE Power Structure. Once other Whites in the NFL see others giving these most influential positions Quarterback and Head Coach to African Americans at a certain point they will STOP.

In other words an individual NFL head coach may decide on an African American Quarterback or an individual NFL team owner agree on an an African American Head Coach. But they will ONLY do so until there are an invisible “threshold” number of each at which point it becomes a THREAT both consciously and even more sub-consciously to their Supremacy.


in the BOX a new explanation

THEORY of discrimination

in Sports and elsewhere

when “logically” it

should NOT be where

it seems talent & ability

should “easily” overcome

RACISM but doesn’t do so

you can call it

the “wisdom”

of Crowds


Another way to make the same point about this NEW “theory” is the following. Using this number of TWELVE. We should not and won’t bother explaining – because if you’re Brain Dead you should be seeking emergency medical care not reading the Box – why there are not but IMAGINE IF THERE WERE TWELVE AFRICAN AMERICAN OWNERS among the 32 NFL team owners instead of NONE how very very different the world of the NFL would be. And how today’s Box and this “theory” would be completely irrelevant if not ridiculous. There would be no “invisible” barrier to either TWELVE Black Quarterbacks or Head Coaches in the NFL.

But in REALITY the fact that there are NO Black NFL team owners and never have been further proves the validity of this Theory ! Call it the Black Box Theory of Racism in Sports. Racism is build into the fabric of Sports WITHOUT anyone seeming to be a Racist.

By the way if you want the names

or teams of the Black head coaches

and Coordinators look it up we have

something more important to do here

if you’re not happy you can get a refund

roger goodell ” THERE’S NO RACISM IN THE NFL “