Wilma McNabb Canned

Updated: September 1, 2008


Say it isn’t true Wilma

and worse it is not an

OMEN for Donovan’s

own future in Philly

Everything must End. In the End we don’t have a Choice. Still this is Sad. Maybe we didn’t give it all that much attention. Maybe Wilma McNabb was less visible the last “season” or two. Still in her own way she had become synonymous with Campbell Soup. An integral part of the soup sub-culture that has been part of our American experience from the earliest days.

Wasn’t it George Washington who we learned so enjoyed his soup. Or was it John Hancock ? Paul Revere ? John Adams ? Whoever soup was there at the Beginning. At least some historians claim. And later but still long ago came CAMPBELL’S Soup. That right Campbell Soup was founded by its namesake visionary entrepreneur Joseph A. Campbell way back in 1869.

Joseph Campbell like so many other Americans before and after him had a Dream. Maybe you won’t compare Campbell with Einstein or even the founders of Google but what Joseph Campbell realized was in its own way a mark of GENIUS. He was the first to understand if you remove some of the water from soup then can it. Well the rest is History.

Campbell Soup has had its ups and downs the last 150 years but it never disappeared from the American consciousness. The company and their soups utilized hundreds of advertising messages over these many years. What else some people don’t know is Campbell Soup Company has its world headquarters in Camden, New Jersey, a lot closer to PHILADELPHIA than to the Jersey swamps the Meadowlands. Which finally led Campbell to …

The Philadelphia Eagles, Donovan McNabb and most of all his mother Wilma. And so was born the Legend and the advertising campaign for Campbell “Chunky” soups six years ago featuring famous NFL players and their MOTHERS.

No longer was Soup just for kids or average families we learned that even the Greatest among us NFL SuperStars listened to their mothers and ate or drank as you prefer to refer to consuming soup that Campbell Chunky SOUP was part of their formula for winning.

YES ultimately there were 35 NFL stars included and their MOMS but one player and his MOTHER rose to the top and became the faces or call them the Souls of Soup, Donovan and his MOTHER Wilma McNabb. Wilma McNabb became famous for her commercials and roaming the Eagles sidelines telling the players to have their Campbell’s Soup !

Now it has all come to a sudden END with the shocking announcement by Campbell’s that the campaign is OVER never again will Wilma or the other NFL Moms be seem on TV or in print extolling the benefits of Campbell Soups.

There is a nasty rumor circulating around the soup industry among insiders that Donovan McNabb is responsible for his MOTHER’s demise. That his far from stellar play in recent years and his inability to bring the Eagles a SuperBowl Championship hastened the End.

We may never know The Truth but Campbell’s is obviously worried about a backlash the possibility of 35 ANGRY NFL players nd far worse their 35 MOTHERS descending on Campbell headquarters in Camden looking for something thicker than soup stock BLOOD.

Here’s the Deal

ever hear of


Well you should Football Fans. Campbell has struck a deal with PFPMA to keep all these NFL MOMS Happy after pulling their commercials for the 2008 season. The PFPMA ?? That’s right. The Professional Football Players MOTHERS Association.

That’s right. Don’t mess with them. Our Sources tell us with the turmoil in the NFL Players Association with the passing of Gene Upshaw the PFPMA may take over negotiating a new contract for the players with the NFL. Watch out Commissioner GOOdell !!

As for Campbell’s they are joining with PFPMA to fight hunger in America. They are not willing to wait for the election of President Obama and these MOTHERS are not going to wait for Campbell’s to soothe their ANGER.

Here is what Campbell’s is offering …

” Beginning in September, which is Hunger Action Month, each mom will receive 500 cans of Campbell’s Chunky soup to kick start their campaigns. The moms will work with local Feeding America food banks in their hometowns to encourage other members of the community to help tackle hunger. At the end of the season, the three moms who generate the most donations for their local food banks will receive a trip to Tampa during the week of Super Bowl XLIII, where they’ll help to announce a soup-er donation–one million cans of Campbell’s soups.”

Is that really a good deal for the NFL MOTHERS after Soup Stardom 500 cans of soup each but we’re not going to question the group’s decision or mess with their Leader guess WHO is President of PFPMA yes WILMA McNabb