Williams Power What Will They Do With It

Updated: September 19, 2008


Serena is Number One Again

Venus not far Behind again

they OWN the World of

Tennis but do they have

A Master Plan more

than Winning and

making Big Bucks

We’ve been here before sort of 3 years ago before Venus and Serena began their slide predicated on injuries, diversions and lack of Interest. But as time passed both Williams Sisters realized anew Tennis was the CENTER of their World. It was and is the ONE experience that made everything else better. That provided them the Clout elsewhere and no where else the ROAR of the Crowd.

Their comeback both of them

is unprecedented and as

others have come and

gone they reign


In the glow of her most recent U.S. Open Grand Slam victory Serena has penned a book contract about her life. Both she and Venus will do a brief tour of Africa this fall while continuing to play Tennis and both winning more Majors in 2009 while pursuing their other interests.

Yet there can be more

MUCH more if only

they listen carefully

to the Box source

of Wisdom

While Venus and Serena and mom and dad may think they have mapped out a full career path they have not. Because they have chosen to ignore more or less the long term era changing role they can have in Tennis and Tennis as a model for other Sports. If they will only leave the FEAR factor behind the one that grips most professional African American athletes.

FEAR of speaking their minds

FEAR of advancing AFRICAN

American interests for FEAR

of upsetting the White

POWER structure

WELL SERENA AND VENUS HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR. Professional Tennis needs them far more than they need Tennis at this stage and even more truly opening up Tennis is exactly what Tennis needs to prosper and not continue to fade in popularity as it is now.

All these White Boys and Girls who DOMINATE Professional Tennis are not getting the job done. The Williams Sisters are the BIGGEST draw in all of Tennis. Two AFRICAN Americans. Were it not for insidious Racism it would not be necessary for the Williams Sisters to lead the way to a far more integrated Tennis profession and industry but they must.

Venus and Serena can

change the World of

Tennis if they go …

On the Speaking Tour circuit and deliver a well prepared powerful riveting message about SAVING Tennis and enhancing ALL Sports by means of true and sustained integration not the rare phenomena like the Williams Sisters, or Tiger Woods, or Cullen Jones and doing it at every level.

And rather than writing books about ONLY their personal challenges and triumphants write books first and foremost more about the nature of Sports and making Sports better by making them fairer. Venus and Serena are likewise positioned to take leading roles even right now in the Professional Tennis Association with one of them having a future goal of becoming President of the group.

Serena and Venus have so much

POWER in Sports right now more

than any other two AFRICAN

Americans IF they will use it

rather than SQUANDER it

what do you say Sisters ??