Vince Young Booed Gets Upset Here Comes Quinn Gray

Updated: September 9, 2008


The Agony and the Ecstasy

that sort of sums it up

life in the NFL in

all Sports in Life

How many times have we said it in the Box over 7 years now. Yes when we watch a game we are watching Sports but we are also watching LIFE in concentrated form. We are watching a play about life every bit as much as if we were sitting in a theatre rather than a ball park or in front of our Big Screen with Surround Sound in our homes watching plays on the Field.

If we don’t appreciate WHY Spots is so consuming and now more consuming than ever because of the ease and range with which we can follow Sports. If we don’t understand or appreciate the depth with which Sports embraces thinking we are just watching something to entertain us for a few hours well THEN WE DON’T UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF SPORTS.

So now to Vince Young

and Sunday afternoon

Young has certainly known the ECSTASY throughout his college career at the University of Texas, taking the Longhorns to the National Championship in 2006. Some have called Young the greatest Quarterback in college football history. Not everyone. Some.

Then Drafted #3 in the 2006 NFL Draft by Tennessee. Young had a remarkable season as a Rookie Starting Quarterback taking the down trodden Titans to within a game of an improbable post-season bid. Young set a new record for most yards rushing by a Rookie Quarterback shattering the old record of 408 yards with his 552 yards. Then defying all odds as a Rookie named the NFL Offensive Player of the Year for the 2006 season besting out the best in the League.

pure ECSTASY in 2006 in the same year

hero of the BCS Championship Game

and NFL Offensive Player of the Year

Could it get any better ? Yes and no. In 2007 Young’s season stats were even better than in his first year throwing for 2,546 yards and averaging 6.7 yards a pass although he only threw for 9 TDs as opposed to 12 TDs his first season and rushed for less yards. And taking the Titans to the post-season where Tennessee lost 17-6 to the San Diego Chargers.

Now finally to the AGONY

It happened just days ago the WORST day of Vince Young’s entire life. Even though Tennessee beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 17-10. Vince Young gets NONE of the credit. He passed for 110 yards and 2 interceptions. AND THE HOME TOWN CROWD BOOED YOUNG LOUDLY. He left the game in the first half after performing poorly and sat alone angry waving everyone away from him. He did not come back in until the 4th quarter to more BOOS threw an interception and was injured.

Young was inconsolable and angry after the game. Many said downright depressed. He seemed in such bad shape Titans officials called the local Police Monday night after they could not reach him at home fearing he might REALLY be bent out of shape. When he was finally found Young said everything is OK but the knee injury will probably keep him out 4 weeks which won’t improve things.

Which brings us to Quinn Gray


formerly of the Jaguars

The Jaguars with Leftwich, Garrard and Gray were the ONLY NFL team in history with THREE Black Quarterbacks on its roster. Something you may not see again for 100 years. With Leftwich and Gray gone, Gray has been kicking around since being dumped by Jacksonville who he led to victory over Tennessee last season. Gray almost but didn’t make the Cut as a Backup for the Indianapolis Colts this season. Now he is back auditioning with the Titans. HOPING for the Best !!

So there you have it more

NFL Agony & Ecstasy

among Quarterbacks

this week featuring

Daunte Culpepper

Vince Young

Quinn Gray

Tom Brady

more will


it’s ONLY

Week #1

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