Top Secret

Updated: September 3, 2008


Keep a SECRET don’t

tell ANYONE NO one

NFL Commish GOOdell

makes $10,000,000 a year

it’s a SECRET we want to

keep it that way …..

Actually Goodell’s salary is not a SECRET one of the few pieces of information concerning the inner workings of the NFL that is not. Why is all this information important to African Americans in the NFL and the Black community in general …..

1) Because African Americans have nothing to gain from secrecy in Sports, 2) information is POWER, 3) this information could be volatile in negotiations with the players union, and 4) right now the IRS is deciding if organizations just like the NFL including the NFL should be required to disclose more financial information.

You see contrary to what any normally intelligent individual might conclude the National Football League is NOT a for profit business. NO indeed. It is registered as a NON-profit organization like say the Boys Scouts of America or the American Cancer Society.

Currently NOT-for-profits only have to list the salaries of key employees. The NFL contends the ONLY key employee working for the NFL is the Commissioner not the hundreds of other well paid executives in the mammoth organization. So they only report Roger Goodell’s salary and everything else is a tightly guarded SECRET.

Now the NFL is fighting the new IRS disclosure rules planned to go into effect soon. The NFL wants a bill introduced in Congress that will exclude just some NOT-for-profits from the new full disclosure rules. NO not the Boy Scouts or the American Cancer Society but ONLY trade groups which the NFL claims to be and where disclosure is most needed.

Go ahead ask yourself the question WHY should groups like the NFL be excluded. The Box has the answer THERE IS NO GOOD REASON. The very fact the NFL has mounted a massive effort to be excluded from the rules is really the only reason you need to know they should NOT be excluded. The entire concept is ludicrous ( remember him ).

The National Football League gets away with paying NO taxes on any of the income it reserves for itself from the broadcast rights and other sources of income. As WHACKY as that is they should at least have the obligation to PROVE this UN-taxed income is being used in ways that are considered valid by the IRS like not paying excessive private sector type salaries. And the public we who are allowing them to pay NO taxes certainly have a right to know in return.

Get this by contrast the NFL Players Association another not-for-profit but as a union it is required to disclose the salaries of ALL 112 of its employees. So look at this we have these two not-for-profits negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement but one side the majority AFRICAN American players union must disclose all its financial data while the vastly majority WHITE American controlled NFL discloses nothing except Goodell’s salary.

The problem the NFL is having

so far NO member of Congress

is willing to sponsor the Bill

the NFL needs to get its own

exemption from the rules

they have another choice

re-file as a FOR profit

company and keep

ALL their data


then they’d

have to pay