Straight No Chaser: Commitment to What????

By Desi Cortez
Updated: September 18, 2008

Raiders DENVER — I’m bias, I bleed silver and black…..

This, an open plea to the gallant Raiders of yesteryear, the Pride and Poise Boys….George Atkinson, Jim Otto, Ted Hendricks, Willie Brown and Fred Biletnikoff, Raymond Chester, Jim Plunkett, Cliff Branch, Jack Tatum, Mark Van Egen, Vince Evans, Ben Davidson, Kenny King, Lester “The Molester” Hayes, Phil Villipiano, The Mad Bomber, Darryl Lamonica, and, from the Uninversity of Mars – Otis Sistrunk……

Gentleman., you’ve got to stop Al, he’s destroying the dynasty he crafted. The game, the team, the players, the media… hell, the world has passed him by…that’s just the goddamn truth….

Bo, you know, tell Al “sir, you gotta go… sir.”

Al Davis must not be allowed to have any say-so, what-so-ever in the Oak-Town Raiders operation, he’s made enough contributions for a turtle’s life.

Let’s turn the page….

The best move, for the team, the city, the young QB… bring in the seasoned, passionate disciple of Bill Walsh… Denny Green; let him work his offensive magic, keep Ryan to unleash the defense. That’s it, let’s go to work. Or, Bring in Green as GM, he’s amassed the knowledge, give the keys to Karl Dorrell, UCLA just let him go for yet another golden-haired boy wonder, Rick Neuheisel, who just completed getting his behind waxed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir .

Sorry, Bubba but Lane Kiffin is not another boy wonder, another young boy genius, blessed with the uncanny Dr. Doolittle-like ability to ‘talk-to-the-animals…..” He’s just the kid of a guy who coached in the league and was passed over, and to right that wrong, his boy was given a football franchise to coach, can you blinking believe it?

Just bestowing the club upon this kid….is a sign Al’s not in full possession of his faculties….

I can’t help but believe Lane retarded the growth of Russell, and based on the “code-words” he uses to describe Russell, sitting him all of last year while they stumbled and bumbled thru another losing campaign.

I just get that Jedi Warrior thing, like Spider-senses or Bat senses tingling….Lanes got low expectations for Russell, and I’m one of those paranoid Black dudes who believes there’s a glass ceiling erected and maintained to slow the domination of the QB position by bronze men….

I’m just nutty like that…. This is not the Raider way. This is a franchise which hired the first Afro-American head coach of the modern era, Art Shell, and the first Latino Head Coach, Tom Flores. The Raiders practiced what others preached but didn’t bring to life.

And, they’ve always had beautiful women of color as cheerleaders….. That’s very important. Least we forget, these are the OGs’ -Original Gladiators of the gridiron, the original home for misfits and oddballs, where, as kids, we imagined the Dirty Dozen, Three The Hard Way, the Magnificent Seven, or Shaft, went to play ball; apart of a new league where Black players were judged more by their play, and less damned because of their skin color.

The Raider image as cutthroats, renegades is yes, well earned – Jack Tatum’s tragic hit on Darryl Stingley was within the rules of the game…..but its also liberally tossed about, transformed into “dirty”, because the Raiders had their fair share of Black players, and they sat on their helmets.

Remember The Legend of Nigger Charley, starring Fred ” the Hammer” Williamson….who was once a Raider.. As was Rocky’s Carl ” Apollo Creed” Weathers… No wonder, huh?

The Raiders embodied the anti establishment attitude of the mid 60’s and early 70’s. Oakland was the home of Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, co-founders of the Black Panther Party…for Self Defense, Berkley, the college village, rubs elbows with Oakland, it was the hot-bed of Anti-war activity…it was solid, groovy place baby. All these elements endeared the Raiders to….America.

But, Al came out of ol’school, so far back, he’s damn near Ol’ testament. He’s a boy from the Big Apple, who beat these Ivy League frat boys and Fat cats called the NFL at their own game over the last quarter-century and there’s a great deal of not just animosity in the air but rather hate is a more fitting term, folks hate Al, and they hate the Raiders….cared and intimidated white players and fans, just by walking on the field….

So the skull and crossbones have a special place in my ol’ black heart, I want to see a dominate team based on the rich history of a franchise committed to excellence..,. and I grow tired of all the Raider-despisers ejaculating on themselves with glee and euphoria -because they regard the Raiders as the embodiment of young Black and Latino men, as a symbol of the laid-back, West Coast surfer/hippi popular culture, in a city, Oakland they ignorantly view as a one big ghetto….and they blindly despise it all.