Straight No Chaser: A Strange Brew

By Desi Cortez
Updated: September 21, 2008

DENVER — There’s a Chaney, Goodman, Schwerner connection here….

The developer of the new Jets and Giants stadium has canned the German firm — Allianz following outrage that the Nazi-linked insurance company was vying for naming rights.

No real reason was given, but flies -on-the-wall said the “emotional reaction” from the public to a potential sponsorship deal was the major factor.

Power to the people

Everything the Jewish people had to endure doing the rise and thank god… fall of Hitler’s Third Reich, there developed a saying amongst the Jewish folk – those who survived another episode of White men gone wild…

Never again.

Now, it’s a given….. any time these cats see something going down, some act they regard as damaging, they sound the alarm, rally the troops, within a minute…men and women are all-over what they perceive as either detrimental or insulting to them as a people.

They, as Jewish people could care less what the crowd says; from Louis Farrakhan to Pat Buchanan, from the brother in the intersection selling The Final Call, to Rednecks branding themselves with Swastikas or tiny red Republican Elephants…damn near the same thing…. you can say what you will, but when you insult the American Jewish village…you have to bring ass…. to get ass.

They simply don’t play that.

I look at my own people, Afro-Americans, and I wonder how it is we were treated like fourth class passengers (and we built this mo-fo’) for centuries, and I can’t help but wonder how in the Hell did Jewish people end-up losing six million in less than a decade….

Tyranny and oppression must be a bitch…

The American Jewish community, without question wasn’t about to permit the New York Giants, nor the Jets, to do big business with a German corporation, Allianz, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, which during WWII — insured the Auschwitz death camp, had a chief executive serving in Hitler’s cabinet and reportedly refused to pay-off life insurance policies to Jews during the Holocaust

Predictably, the decision to let these ex-Hitler lovers supposedly rest with the New Meadowlands Stadium Corp., which is overseeing the construction of the new home of the Giants and Jets.

As if the NFL has no real say so in the matter. No dog-in-the-race….

Please, Mr. Goodell knew when the sheet hit-the-fan, the Giants and Jets would be left taking the hit for this obvious error in judgment. The NFL was letting this one play itself out, they knew the deliberations were going on.

Their corporate morals and values were waiting to see – what they were….where the NFL would stand, or rather bend-over, when it came to doing biz-ness with Nazis.

Ain’t that a bitch.

The Allianz, firm has paid millions in restitution and renounced its past, but advocates like Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League said giving stadium sponsorship to Allianz would still be an “insult.”

That’s where this becomes belittling; Ivy League educated businessmen who have to be told, convinced even – this relationship would be insulting to millions of people.

But hey, this is a country where NASCAR Dads and Hockey moms, all across the land have to be enlightened names like Rebels and Savages offend American Natives and Afro-Americans.

The Confederate Flag, still employed by little leagues, high schools and colleges, is a symbol of the slave-holding South, which wanted to leave the union over the issue of states rights….a states right to pimp and exploit a entire race of people – screw what the world says…..

So with History 110 behind us, is this slight, this redundant over-sight, honestly about ignorance, or…., is it about arrogance?

I submit its about arrogance. An angry opinion which screams from the back of a 72 Ford pick-up, with a McCain bumper sticker, next to the Reagan sticker, next to the Ford sticker, next to the Nixon one.

A deep, deep seeded sentiment which yell’s “I don’t give a damn about your history, your heroes nor your touchy feely politically correct feelings.”

Screw you Nigger, Up yours’ Jew boy, Go to hell you red devil

Yeah, that’s the mentality I think is present in millions of WASP Archie Bunker-led homes. That’s the basic mind-set of vastly all Republicans, and more than a few Democrats, if you want me to tell it like it really is….

Hillary proved that.

This ability for the, for-the-moment majority to overlook history…. is what prompts the little people to want a strong federal government, big government, motivated and mobilized citizenry and an aggressive press… check and balance power.

If not for these elements of a civilized civilization, we’d have Ol’ Dixie sung right along with the Star Spangled banner. Profit seeking pin-stripped pimps, with matching gator’ brief case, loafers, belt and wallet – would harbor no qualms naming a sports stadium after folks who benefitted from the attempted extermination of a whole race …. No? Allianz was on a short list of companies hoping to pay $20 million to $30 million per year for naming rights to the $1.3 billion stadium, which is to open in 2010.

That’s a business move the Giants, Jets and the commish thought would be ok with the fans? No, they knew it would ignite a flame under a lot of people. They were hoping those folks didn’t scream too loud, and very few folks herd them, or paid ant attention.

They wanted to Trojan Horse it in, grease it and go for rear entry…. both the sexual tool, and the actual hallow-wooden horse, from the story… you know.

Unbridled capitalism, unconstrained greed, at it’s worst; whatever the dumb-ass public is gullible enough to not detect, not decipher, not understand. But might I suggest the gentlemen and ladies who comprise the New Meadowlands Stadium Corp might not be hip to Jewish men, 48% of them, have higher degrees. Ph.D’s and MBA’s MD’s and XY&Z’s….

Now, some of the biggest fools I’ve ever seen…were the educated ones, the ones who knew they were the smartest guy in the room, but gee, a formal education, I bet it helps in acquiring clout, influence and power…..some might say audacious power even.

When you talk, people have no choice but to listen, other-wise, you, as individuals, institutions and organizations- as one, will explore your many options, you might decide to exercise …. a little power.

Black folks, we ought to take notes, take-a-tip, get hip….. we’ve been bitching about Johnny Reb for a half century, and it still flies as a flag and school logo…? On buildings your taxes pay for….

We urgently need to unify and exercise a little Black Power. We have it, we could and should have more, but hell, we don’t know how to use what we got now….

The American Jewish people would not accept that.

They I suspect, would exercise some of their options. I doubt their sons would silently play football for a league which, if 70% Jewish, yet had only 5 or 6 Jewish coaches at the helm….. I wonder how many wouldn’t be fans or buy merchandise of an operation which thought so-little of you?


I know, I know, I understand, we we’re property once, it takes awhile to wake-up, stand-up and be up on little details like this. But of all the people in America….we, Black Americans, ought to be in a lab, with a pen-and-a-pad, trying to figure out and grasp us some Black Power. Obama won’t be able to sprinkle any from the roof-tops.

That excuse/reason gets old bro’, very old.