Seven Years

Updated: September 21, 2008


This week marks 7 consecutive

years of the Black Box or

2555 consecutive days

it has been published

Has anything changed in the Real World of Sports since September 2001 and the first Box which chronicled Barry Bonds’ 73 HomeRun season. The premise and the promise of the Box has always been clear. It’s prominence on the front page of Black Athlete Sports Network’s Website as its signature feature each day being its most visible element is a statement of BASN’s purpose to advance the cause of African Americans in Sports while entertaining and sometimes shocking.

Always remind us how

every day all year round

it’s a Struggle with a few

Triumphants now & then

So where do we stand in September 2008. From our perspective exactly where we began. Which means worse off if you have any expectation that evolution should take place over 7 years. Our society and our technology has changed in noticeable ways but not the place of African Americans in Sports.

Black men and women, boys and girls remain strong in a few aspects of Sports as was the case in 2001. More to the point Black Americans have NOT made any but a few personal advances in every other part of the Sports industry both on and off the Field.

Beyond Basketball and Football and to a lesser extent Baseball, only Tiger Woods, Serena and Venus Williams were prominent figure in the World of Sports on the playing field in 2001. It is the same in 2008. Some names come and go in Track & Field but are not at the same level.

The even far bigger problem in 2001 was off the field in the executive suite, broadcast booth and most of all ownership. Seven years go there was NO African American owner of an MLB, NFL or NBA franchise. Today seven years later there is all of one owner – in the NBA. The expansion Charlotte Bobcats which would have to be rated one of the least influential franchises in pro Sports.

Outside of Sports there have been two MAJOR developments taking place right now that could have significant impact in finally changing this Status Quo in Sports. But no real hope that either will. At this point there doesn’t seem to be anything about a President Barack Obama that will have impact inside Sports. Hopefully he will prove a Black Wolf as President in sheep’s clothing now.

More probably only the Color of his Skin separates Obama from any of the White Presidents who have come before him. It is likely far fetched to expect Obama to say as President ” I am unhappy and disturbed with the condition of African Americans in Sports.” Let alone do anything.

The other” outside influence” matter right on top of us right now is the Wall Street Mess. IF pray to God this NON-sense finally wakes up the vast majority of Americans to the CON bring perpetrated on us all Black & White day in and day out by some White so called corporate leaders who trash our values, our system, our economy to “game” us all for every last penny they can “legally” steal now going beyond extreme using American taxpayers 300+ Million of us having OUR government give them $1 Trillion so they can continue to control our nation and our lives …..

IF we finally say ENOUGH and seek MAJOR changes in how our nation operates and treats most of us and virtually ALL African Americans unfairly, since Sports is Life we can’t separate them so that a FAIRER more balanced America might not exclude African Americans from most of the benefits and opportunities presented by our multi-billion dollar Sports industry.

Neither Obama or this financial MESS

may offer us more than a glimmer of

HOPE for something better for all of

us and for African Americans in

Sports as a result but a glimmer of

HOPE is more than we have had

the last SEVEN years in the Box

we’ll take it as our 7th anniversary

Gift since we don’t expect more


Tomorrow we will begin the 8th year of the Black Box on a very positive note

a multi-part look at the BEST SPORTS MOVIE EVER

and what it might mean for all of us